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Hello all, I’ve recently bought a 1994 Mitsubishi Colt CA0 1.8 GTI (I think it’s called Mirage Cyborg R over there?) which I’m planning to strip it and install the Sparco Evo CS 702 95 Bucket Seats. For that I’m also using Sparco Seat Base and Rails. Unfortunately with this Setup I’m sitting way too high that I had to tilt my head aside to even sit properly. See images (excuse the mess since it’s still a work in progress). Since the Colt shares the same mounting points as the Evo 1-6, I’m looking for solutions to make my Sparco Evo much lower so that I could sit properly. It’s important to include the rails. What are your options?

Br, Christian

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had same problem 15 years ago. don't remeber if i tryed to remove all the iron base to disxover that anyway the sitting pose due the shape of it resulted still high. the originals evo 6 rails could be the solution .the bride 'low max 'seat rail was even too low matching into a low max bride stradia seat that i had to rise up with spacers. i'm 1.78 cm..maybe you need to modify the attach or build something on the sparco to use it.however just for information, the original evo 5/6 gsr or tme red seats have a slitling more high sitting pose than rs version on the evo..
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