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Very, very sadly for sale as a 90%-finished project. I have built this over the last 2 years and have put my heart and soul and every spare penny into it. Recently I've been having problems with a driveline issue and it has now sapped the motivation from me to the point I can't continue with it as it's making me downbeat.. I'm certain the problem can be fixed, and it's quite likely that simply returning the whole flywheel & clutch assembly to standard F355 items would do the trick.
Tidy, low mileage (60k), 1999 base S1 Lotus Elise. Was CATD front clam damage but already previously repaired to a good standard when I bought the car. Obviously now there is almost nothing original bar the tub, windscreen and the wishbones (all bushes replaced).
Correctly registered as 3.5L V8 with correct Ferrari Engine number on DVLA V5. Currently insured with REIS, but SORN.

To have this car built for you by a motorsport garage would cost you into 6 figures, (and it still wouldn't have some of the tech/software strategy I have fitted - I design OEM engines for a living). Over 4.5GB of folders, diagrams, CAD models, drawings, photographs and calculations and engine maps will come with the car to the new owner. I'd be willing to negotiate throwing in a laptop with the Cosworth CalTool software licence and cables required to map and talk to the ECU/dash. I'm also happy to offer some training on this, and generally be on hand on phone or email to support you to finish the car.
There's a modest spares package - mostly sensors, electrical connectors and engine components.
Also included I can transfer you ownership of which gets around 1000 hits/month currently but might be useful if you wanted to race it/appeal for sponsors etc..

I haven't had a chance to weigh the complete car yet, but I will put it all back together and do so. I'm very confident it's under 800kg Wet.
Wrapped in HEXIS Gloss Orange professional automotive vinyl its an easy to clean finish that should hold up well to trackdays. I'll include the rest of the roll (loads left) for patching up stonechips etc.

another 300+ pics of the build here:

Here's the current spec. 90% of the parts are brand new:
  • Ferrari F355 engine. 8x ITBS, trumpet intake system, 5valves per cyl, titanium con-rods, etc etc. Should be easily over 400bhp at the flywheel. Already 50% set-up and running well, just requires final mapping.
  • Ferrari F355 6-speed manual gearbox with LSD.
  • Billet steel lightweight flywheel.
  • Paddle, sprung centre clutch.
  • Billet harmonic pendulum balancer.
  • Ferrari F355 gear-lever housing.
  • William Hill Engineering aftermarket Ferrari shift gate.
  • Custom gear linkage.
  • 2x Ferrari 360 fuel rails and 8x Ferrari 360 injectors.
  • Custom braided fuel lines used throughout.
  • Denso Coil on Plug conversion.
  • Custom fully-TIG welded exhaust system.
  • Absorbative single-can silencer.
  • Straight-through mapping spec exhaust system with provision for twin-wideband lambda.
  • Custom rear subframe modifications.
  • Welded in harness bar.
  • Custom Aluminium 38L Fuel tank with integral collector.
  • Custom bulkhead with heat protection.
  • Titanium fuel filler neck.
  • Sytec 255lph fuel pump. Adjustable billet FPR.
  • 0-5bar fuel pressure transducer.
  • Custom Aluminium dry sump tank.
  • 0-10bar oil pressure transducer.
  • Aston Martin OEM Fuel Pump Driver Module with closed-loop functionality (fuel pump speed control already 90% mapped)
  • Full custom Professional motorsport specification wiring loom.
  • Cosworth Pectel SQ6 ECU
  • Cosworth Omega D1 Digital Dash
  • All BOSCH: TPS, Wheel Speed sensors, Crank & Cam Sensors, Map sensor.
  • Kubota Denso Alternator. Custom Alternator pulley. Custom Alternator bracket.
  • 2.25L plumbed in fire extinguisher system.
  • Pierburg E90 BMW 335i Electric Waterpump
  • 56mm Core full aluminium radiator (with fan)
  • 19row Mocal Oil Cooler (with fan)
  • EliseParts S2 "GT" rear uprights
  • EliseParts S2 "Race" front uprights
  • EliseParts hubcentric wheel spacers.
  • EliseParts full suspension bush kit.
  • EliseParts throttle linkage kit.
  • Nitron NTR shocks with helper springs all round.
  • Pilbeam lower rear wishbones.
  • Titan 2.25 quickrack.
  • Extended Wheel Stud conversion.
  • A number of F1-spec titanium fasteners used throughout the build where appropriate.
  • Stainless bodywork and external fasteners used throughout.
  • Japan Racing Volk TE37 rep 16" x9 rear wheels & 15"7.5 front.
  • Kumho V70A 245/45/R16 rear (new), 205/50/R15 front (lightly used)
  • brand new Freno Carbon-Carbon brakes front and rear! (over £5k alone!)
  • Custom VX220 Motorsport front clamshell.
  • Custom front splitter.
  • 2x YUASA Motorcycle batteries. Anderson jump battery connectors.
  • Custom S1 Exige rear clamshell. Custom side skirts.
  • Lightened S1 Exige roof with motorsport scoop.
  • Custom billet fuel filler cap.
  • Custom LED brake, indicator and DRL lights, MSA rain light.
  • Motorcycle mirrors with integrated LED side indicators.
  • Custom clear Polycarbonate engine cover (very light)
  • Reverie XRC Pre-Preg carbon fibre driver's seat.
  • Corbeau Carbon Kelvar passenger seat.
  • Custom dashtop with screen 4x electric fan demist.
  • FIA 4 point harnesses. Schroth harness pads.
  • Momo style suede steering wheel on quick release.
  • Custom interior switchgear and hydraulic handbrake.
  • APR Performance GTC-300 67" carbon rear wing. Custom wing mounts.
  • Custom rear wing endplates.
  • Custom rear diffuser.
  • Dave Mac Props "unbreakable" rear driveshafts with Porsche Inner CVs and standard S2 outer CVs.

Given the issue still to resolve I'm only after £25,000ono. (Car is insured agreed value for £55,000)
Contact Patrick on 07904 061484. Located in Leicestershire.
Interesting P/X's possible with cash my way.

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Thanks for the comments everyone. I do believe it will be an incredible car when complete and I’m pleased and proud of how it’s turned out so far, I just don’t want to invest emotionally or financially into it any further, so I’m cutting my losses and getting rid.
The absolute best I could do on the car as a project is £23,500, that is a good few grand less than what I could break the car for... but worth it as I would truly love to see it go to someone who can finish it. Please get in contact if you're interested.

If I can’t find a buyer I will have to split it all up which will be a crying shame.


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Cheers, yes I built it to be able to get a daytime MOT so I could drive it to and from trackdays and the occasional summer evening blast. For obvious reasons it's not really meant for regular Road use though..

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Would want it for the odd Sunday blast bit of fun but how would I go at getting it drive able what would be required to put her right can't be that easy or you would have done yourself how much would I have to pay out to get it sorted any idea:smthumbup

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I think it needs returning to a fully standard dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly. This should resolve the issues, I believe I probably took it in the wrong direction with the solid, lightweight single mass flywheel unfortunately. :(

I don't think anyone should buy the car without the expectation that it will take a couple of grand to get it finished. It needs to go to someone with decent experience of working on competition cars really. I've priced it very fairly given that you could buy it and break it for a small profit were you so inclined!

Once it's finished it should be straightforward to run single handedly. The standard engine and gearbox will only be pulling around a car 1/3rd of the weight that they were designed to so they should be pretty bulletproof.

I realised I forgot to mention in the advert that the SQ6 ECU is capable of running multiple maps (rain/valet mode etc) and traction/launch control via a firmware upgrade. I included future-proofing for full traction control in the wiring loom, all you'd need would be a couple of wheel speed sensors...

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