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Hi everyone,

Looking to get back into Evo ownership once again, and have found this car being sold by Ant from indigo GT. I've spoken to Ant and he's happy for me to ask questions on here about it.

First up then, does anyone know the car or anything about its history? The service book is very patchy, and from my previous experience and knowledge of these, service history is everything, especially when looking at resale. I'll get a photo of the book uploaded now... Ant has sent me all receipts for the work he's done on it in the last 3 years which is nice to see, but it's the previous history being so patchy that worries me.

Second of all, is there anything on the car that raises suspicion? I would have thought being owned by Ant, albeit only for a short period of time, it would be really tidy!

Really hope someone can help me here...

Edit - service book

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