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I have had my eyes set on an Evol V for quite sometime and I have just gotten an 2001 Accord Type R project done on a US 2door model (Accord and Civic Type R's are not available on US shores). I live in California, US and I am really starting to look outside to obtain cars now because I see what we are missing here. I really want to obtain an EVOL V. I am trying to get as much information as I can on them, against what I read on the internet. I am checking customs and the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out what I have to do to get one to the shores legally as far as standards go (crash tests, smog emissions... gotta love California.)Any information would be great and prices for the Evol V GSR's would be even better. I would like highest and lowest prices they run and anything I should look out for. Like I said, they do not sell them here, so I am kind of at whatever you say to be the truth. They are bringing the Evols to US in 2004 supposedly, but the new ones are a bit ugly and underpowered versus the ones out now.
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