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My name is Aidin and I live in Gothenburg Sweden. I am looking for an EVO 1 or 2 that is in a good our mint condition and I'm offering around 2000-3000£, including shipment to the dock in Gothenburg Sweden.

I am looking for enthusiast that has really taken care of the car.

The car must be well taken care of with oil changes and old parts replaced. The motor and the transmission must be in good condition. . I prefer a car with low mileage, good condition on botch in and outside, and all notes and the services.

I am not looking for an original EVO 1 or 2 it must have a little bit extra to catch my eyes. Example: EVO 3 kit, cat back system, blow off walve, induction kit, gauges, nice rims our something like this. I prefer a black coloured car, but I'm open for suggestions.
The most important in this deal is that u can arrange the shipment to the docks in Gothenburg Sweden.

Please email me on [email protected] with your suggestions, pictures and information about your car.

I would be honoured if you guys could help me out so I get this distance offer more serious.
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