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london residents

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i have been considering a career move for the last couple of months as im getting a bit fed up of what ive doing now.

what would it be like working in london.

what i really want to know is how much income i'd need to live comfortably in the BIG city. :D

ive seen a couple of different jobs advertised there ive been interested in but want to know before i take the plunge and realise its not enough. there will be 2 of us.

cheers guys :D
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LeeLegend-TME139 said:
it was harsh.....but fair

if you want roads to be paved with gold, you need to stump up the dosh....northerners dont understand that ;)
Hmm, Lee - I'm from Cheshire - and its more posh than Essex up there by a long shot + house prices in the better part of Cheshire (ie not the scummy industrial bit that Insbro lives in) are more expensive than naff Essex :p
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
£2,750,000 for this in Cheshire!!!
Typical 3 bed semi in Cheshire :

Semi-detached house
3 bedrooms 2 reception rooms 1 bathroom

A quite superb semi detached which offers much more than you would at first realise! A full width extension has increased the living accomodation brilliantly to provide a large dining kitchen, itself fully fitted & incorporating many built in appliances.There are 2 separate reception rooms,Utitly room,3 good bedrooms & a bathroom with corner suite & shower.Its warmed by gas ch & has a large lawned garden makingit ideal for those with children.
I think you can stick Loughton up your ass Lee
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
how does showing a picture of 1 house proove anything?

Sorry, I counted two. Do you want more comparables ?
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
cheapest 3 bedroom i can find in loughton

3 bedrooms Semi-DetachedLoughton, Essex
A really delightful extended three bedroom semi detached with two receptions, modern fitted kitchen/breakfast room and a magnificent 135' mature rear garden. The property is situated close to conservation area and local shopping facilites. Internal inspection recommended.

[email protected]
How much is that ex Council House of yours worth these days Lee ?
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
anyway who gives a ****...... :confused:

I'm defending the North from yet another Southern shandy spate of verbal diarrhoea :p
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
dunno to be honest.....not as much as any of those

your point being?

My point being....yours is a 3 bed semi is it not ?

If so, then £395k is not the cheapest in the area - therefore you are being somewhat selective in your choice of comparable are you not ?
y2kfireblade said:
i wondered when this would descend into naff boasting about house prices :blah:
Hey! I'm not boasting....I dont even live in Cheshire anymore (I live on Bucks/Herts border).....I'm just defending the North from a Southerners stereotyping :)
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
nope....just done a search on and it was the cheapest one i could find

now **** off, i am busy

Obviously not so busy Lee....otherwise you wouldnt respond to this thread you Southern **** :D
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
Very selective choice there Lee (you are comparing a County with a Town)

Try :

Loughton (which is a town)

Wilmslow (which is a town)
y2kfireblade said:
**** it, lets all just post our annual salary, how much our house is worth and what car we drive.
then post pics of our rolexes.......

Go on then, you start......

How come you've got a bee in your bonnet anyway ? :confused:
y2kfireblade said:
i have a bee in my bonnet because this thread is becoming very vulgar and naff.
Please do digress ?

What has become "vulgar" about it ?

And please define "naff"

Substantiate your claim/comments ?

All I see is a jovial debate about North v South house prices :confused:

mike_turbo said:
cos he hates southern toffs, obviously :D
The last person on here that could deemed a "Toff" is Lee :confused:

Are people getting all touchy and premenstrual in here again :rolleyes:
y2kfireblade said:
no hes right im from scotland so i shouldnt be allowed to debate in this thread, ill bow out.
Eh ??? is it a "debate" now ?

But just before you were bleating on about vulgarity and naffness ?? :confused:
y2kfireblade said:
mosi mate why is it that so many of your posts are always related to possesions and wealth not all but a fair few. now before you say im jealous im not as i do very well myself and was very fortunate to be born into a comfortable lifestyle, its just all this banter about house prices is naff end of story imo

Where the hell have I mentioned ANYTHING that I possess in this thread

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Anyway, now that y2kfireupthebum has stopped blubbering

Lee.....stick Loughton up your ass, its dog rough ;)
LeeLegend-TME139 said:
:crackup: :crackup:
Sorry mate but those smilies are vulgar and naff

You get the 'Vulgar Badge' on this one Lee

Now where is that 'cuunt badge' for y2klikesituptheass
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