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london residents

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i have been considering a career move for the last couple of months as im getting a bit fed up of what ive doing now.

what would it be like working in london.

what i really want to know is how much income i'd need to live comfortably in the BIG city. :D

ive seen a couple of different jobs advertised there ive been interested in but want to know before i take the plunge and realise its not enough. there will be 2 of us.

cheers guys :D
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The cost of living down here varies a lot depending mainly on where you want to live and how big/nice a place you want so what you need to earn to be comfortable will vary a lot. Might be worth coming down for a week and looking around to get an idea of places/prices etc and comparing to the money on offer - and see if you can stand it :)

Some people love it, some people hate it. I've been down here since I was a teenager and haven't felt the need to move back to the great open spaces - yet. If you're serious about coming down I can give you a bit more detail about where to live etc.

PS: if you're keeping the Evo, I'd get somewhere with a garage if I were you...

y2kfireblade said:
i worked and stayed in london for a while, i was lucky and stayed rent free in sw4 which is well nice. however the cost of living is ridiculous and basically imho if your worrying at all about cash when your there forget it. traffic is a feckin joke, noise and polloution is ridiculous, water is filthy, more or less everyone is out to get as much as they can at anyone elses expense, people are down right rude especially if your a scot, crime is rife EVERYWHERE, cocaine is shite, clubs are full of pretentious tossers and birds that love themselves, IMMIGRATION, no matter how slowly and clearly you speak middle class londoners still pretend to find you difficult to understand, they all ask if you have got a kilt and do you eat haggis?, they ask about your clan at dinner parties, police are even more corrupt down there (hard to believe i know), pubs shut at ridiculous times, buskers, the underground, yankee tourists with union jack flags, the bloody m25, an outrageous obsession with tea and the queen mum hence those commerative tea towels, chas and dave, constantly hearing the phrase "your avin a laugh intcha?", plastic gangsters that say "understand" at the end of each sentence, gay pride marches, commerative plates, etc etc.

apart from that its just great mate.
Glad you enjoyed it ;)
1 - 2 of 125 Posts
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