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Had a great day out on Friday at Llandow circuit with Ed Moore and his crew. My first trackday, but not my last :D The car's only 3 months old too, so I was a bit nervous. Especially after watching that helpful clip of the American rollling his Scoob!

Only 2 other Evos there - a blue 6 TME and a red 4 dressed as a TME. 3 Scoobs, a Skyline, a few other saloons and the rest were mainly Caterhams/Lotus 7's. Went with my brother who's mainly been into bikes but does enjoy a bit of driving. There were probably not much more than 30 cars there, and the only time it felt in any way crowded was just after the restart after lunch when I got surrounded by a crowd of the little open top thingies - I'm not good at telling my Caterhams from my Lotuses especially when they're moving as quick as they do!

It's a nice circuit, especially for a virgin like me - just under a mile, fairly new surface, very smooth apart from the ripples in the braking area into the bus stop chicane. Not a lot of run off though, which certainly kept my mind focussed! Great weather too, not a cloud all day.

Fantastic to be able to let the car do what it's best at, and I was well impressed with it - engine, brakes and suspension all did what they were supposed to with no unpleasant surprises. Brakes got a bit hot after my 30 minute tuition session, so I went back out for a couple of quiet laps to cool them down after seeing a bit of smoke start rising from the fronts in the pit area. I was surprised how tiring it is, most of our sessions were only 15 minutes or so before we felt like coming in again. I suppose some of it was feeling a bit protective of the car though.

I was surprised how well the tyres held out too. They didn't do too much squirming, and looked reasonable when we finished although most of the blocks in the tread are chamfered right down. Got some new Eagle F1's fitted yesterday afternoon.

Definitely thinking of a spare set of wheels/tyres after yesterday. Where's the best place to get wheels? I was surprised to see some rather nice looking Oz Superleggeras in my local Halfords last week, although their package was with Fulda tyres. What are the best tyres to go for? I presume standard road tyres aren't a good thing to use when new with deep tread?

Couple of pics here. Looking forward to Castle Coombe in May ...
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