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limiter / missfire

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just wondering if anyone could help me on this one;
when i drive the car hard it seems to be hitting the rev limiter at only 5500 rpm , at least i think it is the limiter it makes a bang and cuts the revs , the car has only just started doing this and it is fine under 5500 rpm ................?????
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Sounds like it might be fuel cut?

Does it only do it under hard acceleration or can you never get the car over 5500?
carlembo said:
if its a fuel cut what is causing this.

If it has just started happening without any further mods being carried out to the car, suspect the wastegate actuator, get it tested or get a new one.

If it started happening straight away after a new mod, get the boost turned down.
carlembo said:
the last thing i did to the car was remove the cat . is the wastegate actuator expensive?
If you removed the cat and it started doing it straight away, turn the boost down, if it was ok for a while then later started doing it then the Actuator is probably boogered.

Get one from mitsi for the 7/8 (better design) or from Forge.

IIRC about 145 quid?
carlembo said:
this might sound a bit thick but i am not a machanic , could i fit one myself or would i have to take it to a garage. :confused:
I would say you would be best off taking it to a garage if you don't really know what you are doing.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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