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The best place to start when building a perfomance car is to start with as lttle weight in the shell as possible.

At M.E.Rallysport, through the experience of working with several top rally teams, we have learned the techniques and strategies of producing a lightweight shell and are pleased to be able to offer this knowledge into the marketplace.

We can offer several stages of weight reduction and shell preparation programmes to unmodified Mitsubishi shells (Not caged) and can include the strpping and rebuilding of a built car into the process if required. Note this is weight removed from the structure of the shell, not simply removing bolt on parts, and does not include any other weight saving possibilities achieved in the rebuild process. More detailed pictures available here:

Stage 1
Removal of basic unused brackets inside and underneath vehicle, including sound deadening and underseal. Saving circa 25kgs

Stage 2
Removal of OEM seat brackets, other gussets, lightweight door conversion and tailgate. Perspex window. Saving circa 70kgs

Stage 3
Removal of hidden OEM impact potection within B pillars and sills, parcel shelf removed. Lighten interior panels. Saving Circa 130KGs (B Pillar work only advisable only if proceeding to Stage 4)

Stage 4
As above, including roll cage fitting (Various spec available)

Stage 5
As above, to include paint inside, underside and engine bay.

Exact specification/stage of programme to be discussed to suit end use of vehicle.

Price can include sourcing of donor shell

Price of complete caged/painted lightweight Evo 7/8/9 shell including supply of donor shell £7250 + VAT (£2000 Initial Deposit)

Lead time 8-10 weeks appox.

For more details please contact via PM !


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I was lucky enough to see some of the WIP on that shell when I made a trip to Matt's workshop earlier last month - proper craftsmanship and epic attention to detail :smthumbup

Hope you're having a blast in Sweden mate! :coolsm:
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