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i have just brought my self a evo 4 yesterday, i went for a spin, only driving to 4500rpm, the car have a strange smell comming from the eigine, and when i open the bonnet there are light smoke comming from behind the bumper/front of engine.... also there are some tappets/vribration noise as well...

please helop me out as its my first evo and dont know anything about it...

works have been done by previous owner:

full service to cylinder head
de-coke, pressure at 45lbs
recut all valve seats, service and reface all valves
strip and service all hydraulic cam followers
service grind head face 0.009
strip, prepare wash and rebuild with camshafts and cambuckets
new valve stem seals and cam seals
steel gaskets
EVO 5 pistons + yellow injectors


HKS RS suction kit
HKS hiper exhaust wiht cat
the boost gauge reads 0.9 and holding...

i really want to sort something out
please helop me out
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