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life is great

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Spent all day today lying in the garden with a cold drink, in the sunshine, trawling thru the net on the laptop soaking up the rays :)
And I plan on doing the same tomorrow, life's tough these days. lol :D
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To Aidy:

Ive got one ta. God damn those days off in the week. :D
Re: Re: life is great

moses said:
i bet u just won the lottery :D
If that were the case I'd be lying on the deck of my yacht :) :)
Re: Re: Re: life is great

Lengthmeister said:
Christ id have a lot more to say than that if i did :crackup: [/B]
Yer but we know how quiet and understated Moses is ;) ;)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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