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Hello Evo chaps.
Can anyone tell me when to expect the next magazine arrival, and, does it include the membership renewal form. I think from memory that this is the case but just checking. I`m just looking for something new to read in bed as i`m sick of looking [ i said LOOKING ] at the wife.

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I was told the aim was to have the Christmas edition at the printers at the end of November so expect it be posted within the next week or two.

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Latest Magazine production is almost complete, just awaiting a couple of photo's and ad's before I can get it to the printers.

It will be 28 pages/ 14 pages of colour and the following articles

Snett, Croft and amp; Donnington Track Day write ups
Fastchick write up of Trax
DIY Defi Boost Guage
Details of what you get and what's new for 2002 membership |PLS| joining form
Christmas Quiz
Navtrak CD
Geared up for Cruising article
Evo Zero Stuff
and all the other usual stuff - upcoming events etc.

It should definitely be out to members before Christmas - except maybe some of the international ones depending on timing at the printers.

Mag/ PR
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