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Last couple of Brembo brake questions - I promise lol :D

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Putting a set of Evo 8 Brembos on my 4, got some evo 5 alloys now to sort clearance and have ordered some caliper bolts.

Last couple of questions are:

The 8 calipers I have just have holes for the lines, IE no banjo joint bolts, will the 4 caliper banjo joints and bolts go straight in the front and rear? Will get new washers anyway.

And what brake fluid do you recommend? I was going to use Halfords dot 5.1 non-silicone synthetic stuff?!

Oh and where is a good place to buy Ferodo pads :D

Thanks very much for the help :D
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You may also want to consider Carbotech pads, they seems to get great reviews on standard brembo set-up.
Arrrrrgh, having trouble trying to get Brembo caliper bolts, local bishi garage has said will take 10-14 days to get some from Japan but I need them quick! Any ideas where to get some from ASAP?
Have you tried a local fastener supplier?, I can't remember the exact size of the top of my head.

I think it could be M12x1.25.
Just grab any bolts you have lying around and see what fits then go to the fastener supplier and ask for the highest grade bolt they have in that size (factory ones are 10.9 I believe), as for length...I can't remember either, sorry.
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