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Having sold my Evo 4 I have wondering which car to go for as I have a bit to spend.

I have decided to seriously look into buying an original Lancer Turbo. Ideally I want one thats had a bit of work done to it, whether light modifications or a full on track car, I will consider completely standard ones as well. The two most important things are that the bodywork must be excellent and it must be in very good running order. If its had mods (ie cage, turbo, suspension etc etc) or been used as a track car I don't mind as long its fits my criteria.

I will pay good money for the right car (ie full history, all MOTs, mint condition, low mileage)

Please email me at [email protected] with details of your cars and I will take it from there.



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Join the club looking for that holy grail!!!!!!!!!!!

There is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as a Colt Lancer Turbo with mint bodywork I'm afraid.

I loved mine (see member's cars) - but the rust just got too much in the end, so I broke it up and scrapped what was left.

Good luck hunting though!
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