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Please supply me (Jerry Flint) [email protected] as many suppliers names as possible that deal with the Lancer model of car. To include if possible - www - e-mail - address - Tel - Fax and business they specailise in.

I have started to have a go at sorting out a suppliers page - but need info, hence the request. When I have enough information I will then sub divide into their specialities.

See 6 Links.htm at the bottom of the page I have made a start at said list.


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What about Ultimate Performance Auto-supply (UPauto)
They seem pretty active in this forum, also I have seen their web site ...looks like they have got extensive range of stuff for EVOs.
e-mail: [email protected]
FAX: 0115-8473081

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Re:Lancer - Tuners

Power Engineering

Graham Goode Racing

Power Station

D P Motorsport

Tuning Japaneese

TDI plc

Also the following link pages

Links Central - Petrolhead Links

Links to Tuners

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Re:Lancer - Tuners - Suppliers - Sellers

Thanks guys - all the posted links have been added to my site. Apprecaite the help.

PS. I think I'm going mad I like the 7-7-7-7-7!
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