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If any Evo owners get bored on a Saturday, my Jap parts mail order company
(Torque IC Ltd) now has a retail outlet within the Formula 1 car parts shop
opposite the main entrance to Brands Hatch on the A21. I will be there
every Saturday (8.30am-6pm) until April when I will be there full time.
Im going to specialise in Evo's and supras and over the next few weeks
I will attempt to keep a fair bit of stock there on display for Evo's;
ie suction kits, SQV's, my a-pillar pods, HKS and Blitz gauges, various
exhausts blah blah blah.....

Well, if anyone fancies popping in to say hello then great......

May also get you a ride in one of the NOS equipped cars up there,
VERY impressive...............fitted NOS kit is just £775.

07931 879908

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swoop like a vulture on the thread which is evoholics...sooooo many potential victims.

ps give us a good deal on HKS ssq bov...
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