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There are loads of similarities but also loads of differences so ill try and list the basics...

4G93T engine is obviously smaller(1834cc) than the evolution and can handle around 300bhp at the flywheel before things are under too much stress.
GSR Engine setup is virtually the same as the evo but uses smaller injectors, maf and fuel pump and slightly different ecu.
The GSR uses a TD04 turbo which spools up fast but runs out of puff at high revs.
GSR gearing is very short and as a result top speed is restricted to around 140mph but gearing and small turbo mean 100mph can be reached very very quickly with small boost increase from standard.
GSR front brakes are useless BUT evo calipers, pads and discs will go straight on with no problems.
Suspension setup is similar to evo but with slight but noticable differences like smaller arb's and shocks/springs if i remember correctly. Again, evo shocks, springs and arb's can be used on CD5A GSR's with no problems and can be a good upgrade.
Standard GSR clutch is pretty weak BUT thankfully evo clutch can be used on the CD5A GSR and will bolt up to flywheel with no problems.

My GSR is currently running just under 1 bar of boost on an E3 turbo which can also be swapped over with some modification and is very reliable and quick. The GSR's weigh less than evo's and are very quick off the line but short gearing can be annoying as you find you have to change gears very often.

Hope this helps.
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