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lancer 2 v 3

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My car is a 1994 Lancer Evo 2 GSR(says so on the car) , however the chassis ID is CE9A, which suggests its a Lancer Evo 3, according to your info on the cras spec mycar is too old to be a 3,but as far as the Vehicle Reg people in Ireland are concerned its a Evo 3, and as such are charging me tax, (VRT) on a Evo 3,, 2800 pounds worth of tax,, in UK this tax does not apply.

What are the differences between the a 2 and a 3,,, I know the 3 has a bit more power but there must be bigger differences that i can see,,, the car I have is a Jap/Grey import,,, did the 3's come out in Japan earlier,, also mine has a lovley front spoiler, more like a 3 than a 2, also bonnet is very flash,,, but why does the rear spoiler have Evo 2 on it,, I am confused,, someone please help,,,,


P.S turns out my clutch is OK,,, it was something wrong with the linkage,, my mates fixed it for me..
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Hmm, this is confusing, as according to this website: CE9A is both Evo2 and Evo 3 !
They must have a numeric cut off but as my Japanese is a bit poor border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle > I can't tell what.
Seems a bit tight they class it as an Evo3. if you appear to have the Evo2 kit on it (Eg rear spoiler). The 3 has Evo 3 written into the side skirts...

The only difference I can make out is a change in compresion ration on the engine and something that looks like maybe wider track on the suspension (japanese again).

Co-ordsport used to have a section on their website that allowed you to enter the chassis number and it tells you if it is what car you think it is. I think they also have a service where you can ring them up , give them the chassis number and they find out exactly what it is from Mitsubish.
Try them...

co-ordsport also have / had a page on their site that detailed chassis #s for 1,2,3 etc.
2 and 3 were the same CE9A. I have a printout of it if its not still there.

CD9A is for the evo I and CE9A is definately for the 2 and also the 3. I have a 2 with CE9A chassis #
All one's I have seen are CD9A and all 2's I have seen are CE9A
(which is quite handy if only people were more aware of this fact as half the 1's I saw being sold were being advertised as IIs either through ignorance or deciept!!!).
It sounds like your car has an evo III front spoiler.
The III had about 10 BHP more than the II. It had a more aggressive front spoiler and differnet back spoiler also. Not that much in the way of differences that I know of. Do you have a pic we can see?

I have a feeling evo IIIs were only made in 1995 though I could be wrong.
Either way it sounds like you have a II, possibly with an Evo III front spoiler on it. I think the interiors (seats) were a little different too.

cheers Jon
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As far as I know it is quite common for an E2 to have had an E3 front spoiler/bumper fitted as it is better looking. E3's were only made for 1 year making them the rarest of Evo's.
Thanks for the help on the differences between Evo 2 and 3.
We brought the car down to the VRT (vehicle Reg Tax) people and the bloke that looked at the car said if we can prove it is a Evo 2 then the duty will be less than the 2800 they want.
Its just how do I prove this,,, I will ring co-ordsport tomorrow and give them my chassis number. But this isnt good enough for the tax man. I need some sort of proof from Mitsubishi.
I do have a pic,,, where do I send it,,,


(now fed up waiting to get this car on the road)
I assume what you need would be a written confirmation of date of manufacture from Mitsubishi?
I don't know how easy that will be to get.
If you haven't done so already then try contacting Mitsubishi UK Customer Relations Department (01285 655777) and see if they can help.

If it's just a date of manufacture you require, then this is on the 'Kyoto' (Certificate of De-Registration) that you will have to register the car (you should have the original Japanese one and a translated version) The one I have was issued by the Kinki border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle > Traffic Department.

To be even more sure, the weight on this document can be used to identify the model - 1250kg |EQU| Evo II and 1260kg |EQU| Evo III.
EvoII are CE9A0000001 to CE9A0099999 from 17 Jan 1994.
EvoIII are CE9A0100001 up from 10 Feb 1995.
Thats the ticket !

Where did you find that out ?
From our friends at ! You can compare specifications at
Thanks for all your help. I phoned Co-ordsport and a kind person there faxed me Identification details of cars we deal with . According to this Evo 2 will have chassis number up to 0006500 (1994). Evo 3 from chassis number 0100001 (1995). Seems strange but what came between the two numbers. The Evo 2.5,, Ha Ha,, Anyways along with this piece of paper and a friend in Mitsubishi Ireland (warranty manager) who has contacted Japan direct for confirmation I should be OK. I'll let you know what I end up paying in Vehicle Reg. Tax. Remembering they wanted 2800 for an Evo 3.

Thanks again,
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