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I done it.
Just got back from Laguna Seca. First ever race weekend.
Racing in F2000 cars with Skip Barber. It was the last race of the last race of the championship, and 8th race at Laguna of the season, was quite the rookie.

Span in quali, so started 2nd last! D'oh! But had a (relatively) good race, and finished 5th from back, and had a pretty decent lap time of 1:46.1 - improved my time by 3.5s over the weekend. So was pretty happy with myself. The winner of our race was about 15 years old and 30kg lighter than me, but his 1:42b laps showed his relative talents.

Anyway, enjoy a few laps:

Got an overtake done, got wheel to wheel and lost out (but kept it on track), had a great backwards trip down the corkscrew as well!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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