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Well I have finally come to terms with having to sell my work wagon. :roll:, thought I would advertise it on here first as you never know. This vehicle has been fantastic and I am only selling it because it has been replaced with something that is more practical with my change of job.
It has only had light use for work, it has had more use as an every day family vehicle. The car is in excellent condition.
It is a 2005/05 Mitsubishi L200 Warrior in Black. It has all the usual comforts like black leather, aircon, PAS, EW, EM, Multiplay CD, window tints Etc...
It has 18k on the clock with full Mitsi Service History, I am the only owner and I have looked after this like I do with all my cars, cherished. :wink:
The only extras I had put on when I bought it, was a plastic load liner and a chrome roll bar.
I have seen these go for as little as £13,000 with vat included, 25+ mileage on the clock but they have had a hard working life, I will take the first offer of £13,500 (Vat Inc) as this Warrior is probably one of the best examples around and I am looking for a quick sale.
If interested either PM me or E-mail me on [email protected]

Thanks for looking. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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