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I had one for about 18 months (sold it last year). I think they ride brilliantly (up to about 55-60mph then too much wind resistance), handles superbly (in city streets and winedy lanes but poor on dual carriageways), look fantastic (I had the std cans replaced with JDs), very well made with lots of sexy bits on it and it sounded great. Sure it vibrated a bit compared with v2 or 4s but never inconvenienced me, not as bad as a Husky sm that a friend of mine had, where it was so bad that it moved around the petrol forecourt when he filled it with juice.

You are never sure whether to ride it like a mx machine (foot out front when going round bends) or drop your knee. Still have pair of mx boots that are for sale if you want them

It also held its value very well (I only lost £2-300 depreciation whilst I had it).

Take one for a spin. They make a v2 version the superduke which looks v good, but I have not riden it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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