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Thanks to all the people that advised me on the problems that i`ve had with my Evo 6 since i bought it back in December ...... specially HH6 who took time to send me e-mails and advise off board aswell as on!

Basically the car was suffering from an intermitant rotational knocking noise from the front of the car.

First off, was the all infamous centre diff bolts.Dealer stripped diff and found nothing worng :( Shortly afterwards i was at RC Developments and asked their advise.... front struts and top mounts they said.Told the dealer and the next time he was in he checked said items and found nothing wrong.

Next was another strip of the centre diff....followed by two strips of the gearbox..... then the brakes.... then the suspension.....nothing wrong they reported!

Specialist from Mitsu came up last week to test dive the car, Front Struts he said... but we checked them dealers says.... you carnt check, only replace was the reply.

New front struts and top mounts fitted Friday..... ONE FIXED CAR!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

11 weeks in the dealers, and the cure was something that was spotted by RC and they haddnt even heard the car, let alone seen it!

Just thought i`d let you all know ;)

Rich (very pleased :D)
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