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Knockhill Monday 2nd May 6pm-8pm £50

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Knockhill Monday 2nd May 6pm-8pm £50

Book Here

Cheers :)
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My EVO's not going to be ready for Monday - will try to get there in the S13...

Cheers :)
You'll be surprised to hear it's the rear diff again :crackup: Only a small oil leak this time, though... Also need to get the boost control sorted etc... Should be all sorted in time for Croft :D

Will try to get PS13 running and bring it along...

Cheers :)
shocker said:
theres a supercharged civic going on
think there might be a few evos blown away
Depends upon which one you mean? I've seen one running 220ATW AVA Dyno - Supercharged & NOS Civics 8MB with nice Stoptecs etc which should be quite nippy...

There should be a 430ATW EVO running on my slicks to put things in perspective, though :crackup: :moon:

Cheers :)
Just to put you all in the mood :D :coolsm:
Yeah, John - there are a couple of photographers who cover KH - see Ian Petrie and Fast Photos

Phil - that's annoying :mad: How about offering a local breakdown firm £50 if they'd take you by truck? At least it wouldn't matter if you broke down :crackup:

Cheers :)
If the car looks tidy, and you drive it courteously - giving people space, allowing them to ovetrake etc, they shouldn't have a problem m8 :D

The weather forecasters have a sun and a huge thunder cloud over KH...

Cheers :)
Well I've just been hit by a monsoon - so the sun should be right behind it...

We've got some brand new T1-Rs for the S13 if it's wet and some nearly slick T1-Ss if it's dry - Sorted :coolsm:

Looks like being an interesting night :crackup:
Yeah, I had a Great time :D Our S13 ran perfectly - including Dave overtaking the blue Ferarri 360 in it and me overtaking the Noble lol!! :crackup:

BIG thanks to Phil for letting me have a drive of his Motor - Best I managed was 62s - I blame the Nankangs myself :crackup: :blush:

Hope all the evenings troubles get sorted out Phil - here's a vid of me scaring your wife to cheer you up :D's EVO at KH.wmv

Cheers :)
RobbieStar said:
your lap times were coming down even with Rog as your instructor :crackup: Only joking Rog. :D
Don't know what your talking about m8 :confused:



;) :crackup:
It looked like the black Civic I came up behind in the video was in reverse compared to Phil's EVO - much as I like the Type Rs, they are a full performance category behind the EVO as standard... More of a match for our S13, I think ;) :p

Like John says, it all about FUN :D Although Phil's EVO is Awesome, it wasn't any more FUN than my 212ATW EVO (i.e. LESS than both modded Civics at AVA :blush: ) - and with more power, the brakes take more of a hammering - Phil vaporised his DS2500s in about 5 laps :crackup:

Power is weird too - I totally Love the push in the back as 430bhp fire you out of the hairpin in 2nd with full 4wd traction, but a "feather" of the throttle through Duffus lead to about 200bhp more than I wanted being released :eek: If you listen carefully enough to the vid, you'll hear me peep the horn by mistake, it gave me such a fright :crackup:

Hope to have a few minor bits & bobs fixed on my EVO, and then boost controller fitted, engine mapped etc prior to the next outing :D :coolsm:

Cheers :)
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Vid of Phil's first Track Day

Here's Phil's first outing in his 500bhp Beast - how brave am I to go as passenger :crackup:

Phil's Lap 14MB

Phil - I'll send you the original on DVD - you can learn the lines by watching it :D

Cheers :)

You were on for a 64s lap before pitting, which isn't bad for a beginner :D

TBH with that power, you could do with stiffer suspension too, although it's nicely balanced and puts the power down well as it is(in the dry at least!).

The problem was your brake fluid overheating - change this, put on some new DS2500s front and back and it should be fine! Although with that performance, AP/Alcon/Movit/Stopteck/KAD/Camskill kits might be better!

Brilliant Day :D

Cheers :)
philyourboots said:
Another couple of laps and I would have been catching you ;)
Another couple of laps and you would be in the kitty litter :crackup: ;) Nah, seriously, your driving was fine! :D

The art of driving a "fast road" spec car on track is getting the best from whatever bits you choose/can afford. Phil set fire to the brakes after about 5 laps, so that was that! :crackup: :blush: You'll see how early I'm having to brake on the vid after that - if you were running 6 pots & race pads I could knock 5s+ off the lap time. Just have to watch people going in to the back of you, though :crackup:

A lightweight race car, or even an Elise etc would be far lighter on brakes, tyres etc.

I have gone the full road spec route and now track my EVO with its twin 12in subs in and full air con, sat nav DVD etc. Makes the trip up the M90 barable! :crackup:

Cheers :)
Have a good chat to RobbieStar and EVOStuart before fitting APs...

Cheers :)
Yeah - modifying is very addictive!!

However, my carefully set up 4 with 250bhp (212ATW at AVA) :blush: was only 1s slower than Phil's 500bhp car :D :coolsm:

500bhp EVO vs 250bhp EVO 7MB

Cheers :)
Yeah - really looking forward to it :D

John, Mike and myself are staying at the same place - I'll PM you the details - will be good to meet for a couple of pre-race beers!

If you're coming down with others from Aberdeen, I could meet up with you on the way down - would be nice to have a mini-posse for the drive down the A68 :coolsm:

Cheers :)
Remember to always leave one bit "faulty", otherwise you'll have to blame driver skill :crackup: ;)

I'm currently having problems with boost fluctuation - settling low & spiking high and cutting :mad: - after that is fixed, I think I'll have to find something else to blame - maybe suspension geometry changes under compression, but I'm not sure yet :crackup:

Just to mention my above lap was on std EVO 4 discs, DS2500 pads F&R and std shocks with Tein springs and some second-hand Dunlop cross-plys ;) :p

Once Phil's, Martin's and the other EVOs get going well, I'll have to start demanding a 10s handicap... Or take the autosport track, rather than going all the way to the hairpin! lol! :crackup:

Geoff - maybe arrange some meet on the Croft thread - I think most folk are staying within about 30mins of each other...

Cheers :)
philyourboots said:
cant think any more excuses oh and you wouldnt rev it above 6000revs (8k limit):crackup:

Yeah - I've had to learn to have mechanical sympathy since owning an EVO 4!

Your car has great torque and little turbo lag if kept above 4000rpm - I had one of those "quality" moments when the world seemed perfect hitting maximum torque in 4th coming along Railway straight :D :coolsm:

It's set up as a great track day car - Awesome to drive at 90% and beat most things :D I think with just new pads and a set of slicks, it would run 60s laps all day? That's about GT3RS, Noble M12 level :D :coolsm:

Or you could buy one of these for less than a set of solid lifters ;) :crackup: :
PS13 67s lap

Cheers :)

p.s. more than happy to help with any development testing... ;)
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I was looking to see if anything had appeared behind - it's really annoying to catch a powerful car into the hairpin only for it to blow you away up the straight! But for some reason there was only dust to be seen ;) :coolsm:
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