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Knockhill Monday 2nd May 6pm-8pm £50

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Knockhill Monday 2nd May 6pm-8pm £50

Book Here

Cheers :)
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I'm booked :)
shocker said:
theres a supercharged civic going on
think there might be a few evos blown away
Welcome to the MLR!! :moon:

Personally I could not give a toss about who passes or blows me away . I'll have fun and scare myself a bit with my own antics and leave all the better for it.

Racing to prove a point!! Nah' not for me thanks :angel:
Nice one Phil. Looking forward to it.

Rog, top pic. Was that a professional shot??
Looking forward to it. Off home soon from nightshift, so hopefully wake up in time :rolleyes:
Very good night all round. Some nice 'fast cars' on track. Dry conditions and cool air.

Got some confidence backs after last months washout and really enjoyed 'throwing' the car about.

Good to see the usual auld faces and meet Phil. Must admit the auld girl was a wee tad impressive :D Done a good job there mate. Just need some serious rubber and top brakes and your sorted.

Got a wee bit of an eye opener. Following a CTR round track, catching him on the twisties, infact holding me up, but on the straights an impressive car...funny how nitrous does that :rolleyes:

On issue I had was with my ACD (posted query in technical).

Roll on Croft!!!
Shocker, it was good fun. I'm running std and 230'ish atw and was not really ever going to compete with lighter cars last night. Must admit first time up the straight I thought WTF :confused: The back section is my favourite and pose time sliding the car through MacIntyres and Clarke.....all about the grin factor :D :D

Elises were too quick as well, especially the mod'd ones. I did sit behind the red CTR and could not get past. :(

BUT....I really enjoyed it and I'll need to blag a passenger lap from yourself next time.
jimmymc said:
was a very good night last night although only spectating i did enjoy seeing some other evo's on track! lots of nice cars sitting around the track too especially the extreme down at the hairpin! :cool: getting tyre sorted out this week so hopefully be on track very soon!
one thing i did notice was all the black reek coming out of ur car john? is that normal? noticed it at duffus everytime? hope its meant to do that!
cheers jimmymc
No it's not, but it does. Full decat, induction and VTA makes it run rich, so a lot of fuel gets blown through on the over run, plus at the last service there was a wee touch too much oil put in.

Not overly concerned as running rich is safer that lean. You should have came along and got some pax laps.
1 - 7 of 74 Posts
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