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Just completed the third modification of my EVO6 TME.
The Current figures:
430 HP and 530 NM with boost at 1.7 bar at 4500 RPM and 1.55 bar at 6000 RPM.
The car was measured at 3.6 seconds from zero to 100 kph.
The current set up includes:

Motec M48 Pro ECU with launch control, anti lag system and lambda control.
3 bar MAP (manifold air pressure) sensor, air flow meter removed.
Air temp sensor.
EGT sensor (exhuset gas temperature).

HKS Forged pistons 85,5mm (0,5mm oversize)
HKS Steel conrods
HKS steel headgasket
HKS oil cooler (larger then the standard)
ARP racing headbolts
NGK racing spark plugs
Ralliart ignition leads
Ralliart engine mounts

HKS GT28/35 ball-bearing turbine
External racing wastegate
HKS Stainless steel exhaust manifold, handmade
HKS intercooler (larger then the standard)
Battery relocation kit, with Spec R aluminium air box
K and amp;N air filter
3” exhaust system with Apexi muffler, 5.5” single tip.
ERL water injection system.

HKS high flow injectors, 690 cc
HKS fuelrail
HKS adjustable fuel regulator
Bosch racing fuel pump.
Goodridge aeroquip fuel lines and fittings

Transmission and drive train:
HKS twin-plate clutch
Ralliart transmission mounts.

Suspension and wheels:
Proflex racing shocks
18” raceline RL7 wheels
Pirelli Zero C 225/40/18 tyres

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Dear killer EVO,

will you be at any track soon so I can tell how 'killer evo' is your car compare to my/our EVO on the track? there are two track days coming up 3rd Aug Oulton park and 18 Aug Croft, let me know your number plate so i can keep a look out for you and maybe keep to the left to let you pass.


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Yeah, depressing isn't it. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

I promise that if I win the lottery tomorrow I'll build the biggest and baddest Evo on the planet and I'll hire and amp;lt;insert circuit here and amp;gt; and you can all have a shot.

I'm off to figure how hard bank robbery is....

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Too hard m8 ,cyber crime is the way forward border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Your handy with a PC arn't u ?

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Hi All,
That is true, im in Sweden but will be very happy to arrive with the car to the UK anytime for a good track day.
Any suggestions?

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I would suggest Croft on the 18th Aug. Its not too far to drive to if you come over to Hull from Holland. I'm going and would like to see how fast a really powerfull EVO is on the track.


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I think that the best way for me to come the the UK will be to Harwich (from Hamburg). Any suggestions which are close to this location?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Royboy

Nice specs. Can you post the dyno printout here or on your site?

How is the HKS 2835 compared to the standard turbo? At high revs and at low revs? Does it have more lag?

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The dyno printout will come soon, we are still working on the car in two ares:
- Headwork and cam shafts that will aloow the engine to rev to 8500 rpm
- Racefuel map that should provide another 50 hp or so.
The HKS GT 28/35 turbine can deliver much more boost, with race fuel we will go to 2.0 bar at 4,500 and 1.7 bar at 6,500. The flow is also much stronger, so even 1.2 with this turbine feels better then with the standard.
Turbo lag exists, more then standard, but it is not that bad. The turbo really kicks in at about 4,000 rpm and then the power step is really hard. So, when driving on track for instance it is better to keep the engine above 4,000.

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Have you considered gas flowing the intake manifold? (I assume you have the stock intake manifold)
I know it won't gain that much but every little bit helps. I know looking in my 'spare' intake manifold that it is far from smooth. Just a thought.

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Yep, we will probably do that as well, as I still have the original inlet manifold.
I am waiting for a new inlet manifold, made of carbon fiber in Hungary at a very low cost.

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The water injection system that I have right now is the simple one, i.e. operated by a pressure switch. The tuner did not want to connect this one, and said that if I want to, I should by the system which may be mapped in the ECU (MOTEC) so he can optimise it.

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Roy boy,

You posted 0-60 times .But what about 0-100 and 1/4 mile ,these figure are probobly more important taking on the super cars.
if you have them can you post them,gives us chancers something to aspire to.

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just surfed on Jan's site and discovered his carbon airbox. Have you any experience with it and how do you rate it as I'm seriously interested in it.
Jan has already replied to my mail and quoted me a tempting price.


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