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How about an MLR Karting Day.

Maybe an enduro event at a good track like Buckmore Park.

If to expensive an indoor track

Good excuse for another meet and some competative racing fun at the same time without have to worry about warped brakes, burnt out clutches, new tyres etc.

Anyone Interested.


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No, you just have to worry if you weigh more than 8 stone!!! I f you do you will be SLLOOOOWWWWWWW!!!

Although karting is still good fun, count me in!!!

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Superb idea mate !

I may be able to arrange a small discount at Buckmore,
well up for organising an event if there is enough interest here;
if we cant make the numbers, we can do a Supra vs Evo vs Scooby
enduro or Grand Prix event.

Buckmore is an awesome track, very well maintained karts (best ive used so far)
and superbly organised.

Dont worry about weight, im the wrong side of 17st and still kick ass......

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Although weight does come in to it buckmore use Pro-Karts that are quicker than any indoor kart.

So driver skill plays a bigger part.

Its the only track that I know where the karts actually accelarate from the line rather than building up momentum.

Yellow 5 count me in as an definent. Could be a good laugh against the other clubs and maybe the suppliers.


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There is a good international karting circuit near Grantham with twin engine karts, I think the enduro (100 lap) races worked out at about £40 each (ooch) but great fun. They worked on teams with 4 people per kart.

I can find out more if you want?? (Only cus you wont be able to keep up with me on the straights!!)

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I`m up for Buckmore Park , a mid week day would be better than a weekend date for me if possible.

It`s been at least 7 years since I`ve been in a Kart |PLS| I was 5st lighter @ the time , still it should be FUN

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I am in for a karting day as well. Another suggestion about a Karting
circuit would be the Daytonna international at Milton Keynes. I've been
there several times and the events are very well organised indeed.

Silver Fox, I agree with you, weight is an importand factor even when
driving 2-stroke engine karts. Twin engine karts weight around 90 Kg if
I am not mistaken and have about 13.5 BHPs.

For two persons of different weight, say 55Kg and 85 Kg we have:

For person A: 13.5*1000/(90|PLS|55) |EQU| 93 BHP/ton
For person B: 13.5*1000/(90|PLS|85) |EQU| 77 BHP/ton

This is not simply a difference of figures but something you can see happenning
all the time if you get a bit involved with Karting (especially at practice sessions and
this type of events).

I still have a 2-stroke rotax max (that I am not using for a long time now). Although it
produces around 28 BHP's (as standard) giving a closer BHP/ton figure with other karters of
the same category you can still see the difference when racing against lighter people.
So I believe weight is an issue but the amounts of fun you receive overbalance it :)

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Aye, and one with a turbo too to offset the weight!

We could always strap some ballast to the Jockey types, 2 bags of cement should do the trick.

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In fact there is a Turbo conversion for some Kart engines. That is closer to the
american mentality though border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

What they usually do in some Karting competitions (to achive the same weight) is adding
extra weight (as you suggest, in the form of lead bars). The only problem is that they will
put the weight to the place the need most in contrast to the tall/fat guys (like me). The
distribution of the weight in the Kart is a very importand factor, something very importand
on wet tracks. It is almost like a science (applied physiscs :) )

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Myself and two friends (not in the MLR) would be up for a karting day. Any outdoor enduro event is good. The extra time gives you a chance to recover from an error and get to grips with the kart. If it rains its even more interesting. :D
Don't be put off by weight, I weigh 12 stone,my mate almost 14, and my brother 10. Together we have consistently been quick in every enduro race we've done, even against smaller people. Last time out we won by over 5 minutes against a group of people that were all consistently lighter than we were ! This was using the twin-engine pro-karts. However it was pouring down so power became less of a factor.
A lot is down to technique. Those of you that saw us karting on behalf of the MLR last year at the Grantham track should be able to confirm that we were not slow despite outr modest girth (I lost the race on the last lap however due to being a knob), so there is no reason to be put off if you have eaten too many pies :) And its only for fun anyway !

If you can find a place doing 2-stroke karts, they are about 10 times better !


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As you probably know the Karts setup need to dramatically change for
wet weather (pos camber on the front, bring the rear wheels in, increase the
pressure of the tyres, put wet tyres in and probably adjust the seat position
to accomodate the rear wheel lifting). It is very tricky to get the setup right
, or nearly right and failure to do so can cause extreme oversteer/understeer suprises.
I've been driving at daytona international a few times with rainy weather (both
with two engine, one engine bizz Karts) and although I was amongst the best
before my teammate crashed the Kart (in the long straight), I didn't enjoy the race
at all, in fact I don't think that anybody did. When raining is not difficult to drive a
car even if not specifically prepaired for the weather, this is totally different with the
Kart as you probably know. I guess, all I am trying to say is that for inexperienced drivers,
a dry circuit sounds much more realistic and definetely more enjoyable.

I don't know a place where you can rent and drive 2 stroke engined karts (unless you have yours
or probably hold a Kart racing licence and rent one). On the other hand, Buckmoore Park a few years
ago was renting its 17BHP (4-stroke thunder Karts if I am not mistaken) which should be a really good fun.
The downside was that they wanted you to have a Kart driving licence or do some sort of practice in their
circuit at least for one session with the slow 4-stroke Karts before letting you race the fast ones.

Regarding the weight issue, it may not be a big one between an experienced/good driver havier than a
less experienced/not so good driver of less weight. On the other hand it is evident amongst people that
are equally matched on their driving skills but of significant weight difference (say 20 or more KGs).

But as you say it will only be for fun and I totally agree with you (as long as it is not raining in a open track
with slicks and a totally wrong setup).

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Blimey folks, I didn;t realise the roly-polys were on the fourm :D

Alex, I've only ever done arrive and drive events - although we are looking into getting a kart between us now. So all the wet racing has been on karts simply still setup for the dry, on slicks.
I don;t think I've ever encountered so much understeer ! We basically got around the track by not bothering with that steering wheel thing as it had become useless and just used the throttle.
You'd turn in as best you got and as soon as the front end washed out (which was basically immediatley) you nailed the throttle and drifted the kart around. Great fun, but the other drivers didn;t seem to like it - Some complained to the organisers that the karts were broken :D

A dry track is better to be fair as you can lean on the karts more and use the brakes (!)...
Immense fun, hope this gets organised :D


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For those of you that havent heard of Buckmore Park look at the link below.


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(I am selling the Kart if you are interested :)

2 stroke racing Kart (rotax max engine 28 BHP)
Astratec data logger (infrared lap timer horizontal, vertical accelerometers, throtle position sensors ...)
lots of extra's too

Never being raced and only used in (~ 15 practices).


You must have noticed that playing a bit with the accelerator can stop the understeering (in the wet).
It takes some practice though to be in the understeering mode and still putting your foot down to stop it.
One my most unrealistic driving experiences. Mind you, nailing the throtle on a two stroke engined Kart on
a (wet) bend will not help you to make the turn. It only works with the low power Karts.

A rear limited slip diff would definetely solve the problem :)

Mind you

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Kart for sale... Hmm, don't tempt me. Its bad enough having a Evo that needs more parts (don't they all :D )and a sprint/hill climb MGB..but a kart... No, I need to buy a trailer ! Darn it :)
Wonder whatmy brother and friend might think though..........maybe in a few more months....
It definatly takes some will power to hit the throttle on a bend when the kart is heading off towards the boondocks :) have to be slightl more delicate with a 2 stroke though I imagine. LOL. Wheeee !

The only problem with Buckmore is, its bloody miles away ! Its in Kent. Can't we find a track a little more central, I've got to come from the Yorkshire dales :D If it can be a bit more central then you can confirm one team ofthree right now (I don't even need to ask the other lads they are always up for it). we'd come to Kent, except we'd have to get up and set off two hours before we go to bed.


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what about a feature race between wazuptommi and simon7extreme...could be a remake of the hill v schumacher incident..
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