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Karting Sunday 24th March PF International Kart Circuit, Nr Grantham.

An absolutley brilliant day had by all, nice dry day, 6 teams in the MLR Challenge.

Teams were:

Team Duff Racing (TonyC and amp; Co)
Team Stavros (TonyCs other Co!)
Team Scooby (John alias Jac2000, Pete, Paul alias Trousers, Phil alias Salsa-King)
Team Ralliart (Gaz alias Screemin, Rob, Rob, Rachel)
Team Quad (Teri alias Big Evo, Graham, Lindsey, Ian alias Tango)
Team Lost Boys (Leon alias Evo4 and amp; Co!)

Results at the end of the 100 lap endurance which took just unde 2 hours!

1st place - Team Duff Racing (oh - what a surprise NOT) :) fastest lap 53.51 - 43.9 mph
2nd place - Team Scooby fastest lap 56.14 - 41.84 mph
3rd place - Team Quad :) :) :) fastest lap 57.45 - 40.89 mph

Tony, what can I say, Duff Racing do it again with a fastest lap of 53.51 on lap 9 at 43.9 mph!

Leon, 1st prize to your brother for 'destroying' the highest number of karts in one race! Please let me know when he starts taking driving lessons and I will start using public transport!;) I suppose that pit wall was a little hard to see (only 20ft high by 100 ft long!!!!):)

Gaz, Ive just about stopped laughing now! Just remember, 2 karts into one tight hairpin dont go!! and also remember, 2 karts into the next tight hairpin - still dont go!!! I just about stopped laughing after you spun in front of me, got to the next hairpin and you did it again!! really funny, the only way to avoid you was to go off track, then lost all grip and nearly did the same thing LOL :)

I ache in places I forgot I'd got with a bruise at the top of my back to match the tattoo at the bottom of my back ;)

I will definatley be arranging another (or some more) of these events, very successful and great fun.

Agreed with the Scooby boys, plan is to arrange an Evo vs Scooby karting shootout in the summer.

So guys, let me know if you are up for the shootout and also another MLR only karting day.

Wicked - most fun I have had for ages.

Teri :)

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The duff boys and me enjoyed it Teri. thanks for organising it. The other 3 lads that came down with us had fun as well - this was their first ever attempt. They are eager for more now.
We were pleased to have beaten one of the Greggs Bakery kart teams that was also there, but were a bit disappointed to have lost overall 3rd place (taking all 12 karts into account - not just the MLR gang) - due to me being beached on a kerb after taking some major evasive action due to a high speed spinning girly.
Ah well.

We said hello to Ballistic as well, who was the quickest (and fittest -100 laps on his own !) guy there, clocking a 52 second lap. Still some work to go for us then :)

You can definatly count on the duff boys and the other lads coming again whenever you organise one. Jason says he's going to need some t-shirts for the summer - so if you can make the arrangements ! :D LOL.
A scooby vs Lancer karting shoot out would be fun, along with any other teams that can come along - the more the merrieir.
Maybe you should try and get it advertised in the MLR mag and see if we can get some of the EX2000 boys to come along as well.

Duff Racing

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You karters - don't forget about the Ferrodo Inter Club challange in September
Details under events.

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