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Well my Evo hasn't even been picked up yet & I know I won't be able to buy another for at least 2-3yrs & i'm still looking on pistonheads etc at them:rolleyes:

I've also been having a nosey at Impreza STi's & Teg R's. Bug eye STi's seem to go for reasonable money these days. 2002 reg STi's for roughly £8k with not bad mileage etc.

Still, would rather have another Evo. Altho i've got a couple of yrs at least to get the £ together so I may change my mind again. All depends on prices at the time. I'm thinking either low mileage VI if I chose an Evo or bug/blob eye STi with PPP, again, depend son what they're going for at the time.

Until then i'll just keep trying to enjoy a 70bhp L reg 1.3 Fiesta:smthumbdo:cry::cry:

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