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might be spam email :confused: , but I like to think it's real :)

cut & paste :D

what's up there cutie. ;)
I've been depressed lately and felt very lonely, plus I didn't get a reply from you in a while, makes me feel bad :/ what you been up to ? I'm not that good with computers, been trying to figure out what's wrong with my Outlook and it's really getting on my nurves, I asked Nikki but she doesn't know anything about computers either. Anyways I been going to the gym lately to releave my stress and it's working alittle, I still don't know why i feel this way ;X Yesterday was my birthday, had some girlfriends over, drank alittle and had fun, but even after that I feel lonely ;/ Got some pics together at http://modswouldnot like if you didn't see them, why don't you finally connect to my webcam so you can see me ? The webcam is on my web page, let's have some fun..

hope to see you soon, kisses Julie :-D

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Ok is this the latest MLR "thing"? Posting the spam you get?

Hey my man, long time no talk!

You won't believe what we found, holy !!!!.
It's this crazy hookup site, I got laid 6 times this week man, you don't
have to use a credit card or anything you won't pay a cent!

There are tons of girls, guys, couples and I'm sure something for you too!

Lots of them are just looking for a random hookup, one night stands etc

So I mean you can either find a one-nighter or someone to fall in love with.

It's a community site with mad hot crazy chicks/dudes
you really gotta check this thing out, cause you missin' out big !!

You won't be disapointed you'll see im not kidding. Thank me later after
you'r gettin laid 7 days a week.

See ya later

Charlie M
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