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Yes she is lovely, with her great telephone manner, charming wit, and sassy conversation - BUT, and this is an important but... She is a wicked temptress!

I swear, she spends all her evenings ploughing through the Cusco catalogue looking for things to tempt me with. You vixen! You have already relieved me of nigh on a 4 figure sum in two small conversations.

SO - beware the Cheshire temptress - she is only after one thing :D

I must stop ringing them - it is costing me a fortune :(

But is alot of fun :D

And Jenny is lovely...

and Max is a nutter...

and between them they are finding things that I can change on the car! Aarrgh! I thought I Was finished, but NO - I'm not... yes, more things coming...

:D :D :D

Thankyou Jenny!

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Have you actually met this Jenny in person? Be careful, it could turn out to be Jeremy.

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I can vouch for this one. She's definately female and also cost me a few you know whats. But I got very good results at the end of it!!!

(with big grin on face)
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