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click the link below for car images, theres 37 of them...

Price £6500 open to sensible offers

The time has been forced upon me to part with my much loved evo. Me and my better half are expecting our first baby. I need to free up cash to sort the house out.
I have owned this car for around 2 and half years, before me one of my best friends had it for 6 years.

BAD POINTS, lets start here, i'm honest and don't want to fool people
This evo is in need of some effort with the body work.
1) Both the rear arches have started to show rust bubbles.
2) The rear bumper has a crack in it above the exhaust (reversing incident)
3) There is some knocking noises coming from the suspension, sounds like front. Its either the top mounts, bushes or the shocks. After all its the original stuff
4) The underside is starting to show surface rust. Laying under the car and on the ramps at my usual specialist we didn't see any rott
5) Paint work could do with a machine polish
There is an light rattle, sounds like a loose heat shield or bolt/washer combo. Its developed recently, I just haven't rectified it yet

These were jobs i had planned to do while keeping ownership of the Evo, now the baby is on the way my energy and Money is going else where


as can see in the pics, there is a folder full of receipts. ill list some of the main ones below along with the cars spec
Car has been maintained by a Mitsubishi specialist near me.
Regular fluids changes all round.

bonnet vents resprayed (before and after pics in link)
Brake calipers redone (before and after pics in link)

80K miles (Speedo shows 92K. The first 30k was in kms when imported)
I have all of the MOT's documents since import to back up mileage and general history. Also have the original import certificate.
MOT until June 25th

The usual Stage 1 mods
* full exhaust system with de-cat
* Walbro fuel pump
* Apexi AVCR
* Cone air filter
* MR cams
* RalliArt hard pipes
* 3mm lash adjusters upgrade
* Remapped by Norris Designs to 393hp at 1.5 Bar
* Rota GTR drift wheels (some kerb marks but i have the touch up kit to help hide)
* Performance friction PFZ pads and a second set of pads basically new to replace
* 2 peice brake discs on front (fairly old now)
* Ralliart gear knob
* Blue tooth double din radio
* Wind deflectors front and rear (heko)
* Vortex generator
* Carbon fiber exhaust surround
* Carbon fiber spoiler blade


* ACD transfer box rebuild by Clive W 4/3/17. Basically everything was replaced. Crown wheel and pinion, main and pinion cases, all shafts and bearings, acd friction plate (£1440)
* OEM excedy clutch and ACT street light flywheel replaced 23/01/17
* Timing belt, pulleys and tensioners replaced, 3mm lash adjuster, MR cams, renew associated gaskets 15/06/16
* Turbo inspected. Checked for shaft play. checked ability to hold boost. preparation before mapping at ND. Turbo all ok. This was also verified by ND
* AYC pump rebuild replacing the usual parts in rebuild plus a soleniod and elec motor 27/02/16
* New starter motor 3/8/15
* New battery 23/11/14
* New radiator 9/4/14
* New brake lines 5/8/13
* New windcreen 13/5/11

Theres lots of receipts for general ownership E.G services, oil changes, spark plug chanes, tyres, track rod ends etc etc

The car pulls well and drives like it should. Myself and previous owner have never had any engine faults. It runs great and never misses a beat.
Simon at Norris D was surprised how well the engine performed when mapping.

Spares that will come with the car
* 2km old Performance Friction PFZ brake pads front and rear
* 10.5T hotside
* Japspeed turbo elbow
* Standard Cat
* Standard cams
* SAS banjo bolts with holes drilled out to 6mm (was going to fit for max pops and bangs then decided to not map them in)
* OEM mitsubish boost gauge not fitted
* Rattle can of lightning yellow paint (only a week old)

any other bits i find in the shed evo related

for anymore info
email: [email protected]
Call: 07702207140
Car is located in Gosport, Hampshire

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Ive priced cheap to sell, I want it to go to another MLR member to look after
The cars been around me for so long its partly a sentimental thing...

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Tempting,, is it too late to call you?

if not i'll bell you in the morning,

Are you around Sunday?

Cheers Jamie

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Hope this goes to another MLR member - hopefully local too. :smthumbup

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I would have had that :(

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I think he was both a lover of evo and could also see the money to be made. MLR member. I only advertised it on here too
His plans are to restore it and enjoy it over summer

It wasn't Sean, guess you're thinking Sean arnell?
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