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Hi guys,

If any of you read my Japukmeets yahoogroup you will see that I am arranging the next Boxhill meet for Saturday 4th May from 2pm onwards.

There will be a convoy as usual from South Mimms, leaving at 1pm.

I am starting up a Japukmeets website and this will be an opportunity for me to take pictures for the front page of the upcoming website.

Please put your names here if you can attend.

Kind regards


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Nice one dudes,

Theres been a bit of interest so there should be quite a few cars. I'll be in my Silver Corolla GT, please come and say hi cos there's loads of you I haven't met in person.


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Sorry guys,

Can't make this one as car running like s**t so stuck on the drive until sorted.


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Myself and shaun (white e5) should be up for this hopefully. One question, will there be stacks of bikes again or not?

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Im for it cu you chaps at south mimms gman:)

Dennis com back wit me apple pie

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Only a few days left to go, its looking like there will be a good turnout.

This is the list of Evo's that are attending.

Dark destroyer
Justin (Yellow 5)

Nice one, see you there


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simon, shaun has to work-bugger, so will be just my car. Are we meeting in the bottom car-park (well, the grass) like last time?
Justin, are you bringing any new goodies??

Will be there bout 2-2:30 ish.:)

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Rob, I've replied to your email, but just in case you don't get it, here are the directions from the M25:

You need to get to J9 of the M25 and then take the A24 heading towards
Dorking. Keep following the A24 over about 3 or so roundabouts. You will
eventually get to a roundabout with a Texaco petrol station on the right. At
this roundabout, you'll need to go left at the first exit following signs to

The road is single carriageway for a bit and then becomes dual carriageway.
Keep going down this road for about 2 miles and you will approach a
roundabout type section of the road. Just before this roundabout, there is
a tiny sliproad on the left which takes you into a large car park which is
where we'll all be. If you miss the turning, take the first left at the
roundabout to come back on yourself, you will then be able to come in to the
car park the back way.

If there's any probs call me on 07946 497 374.


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