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We are now opening the OIL PRE-ORDER book for collection at JAPSHOW on 18th/19th June at Santa Pod.

To ensure that we have your oil with us for collection on the day, please put your name on this thread with details of what you require.

We are offering a 10% discount off the prices listed below to all PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS and you can pay on the day by cash, cheque or credit/debit card.

So, get your order in now and stock up for the summer, saving our normal carriage charges!

This offer is open until 13th June and is only applicable to those who are planning to attend JAPSHOW.

Here's what's on offer, deduct 10% if you PRE-ORDER before the 20th June!

0w and 5w

Fuchs Titan Supersyn SL 5w-40 4litres £22.99
Silkolene PRO S 5w-40 5litres £32.49
Silkolene/Fuchs Titan XTR 5w-30 5litres or 5x1litres £22.99
Fuchs Titan Supersyn SL 5w-50 5x1litres £25.99
Castrol RS 0w-40 4litres or 4x1litres £24.99
Mobil 1 0w-40 4litres or 4x1litres £29.99
Motul 300V 5w-30 2x2litres £31.99
Motul 300V 5w-40 2x2litres £31.99
Motul 8100 E-Tech 0w-40 5litres £31.99
Motul 8100 E-Tech 0w-40 4litres £25.99
Motul 8100 X-Cess 5w-40 5litres £29.99
Motul 8100 Eco energy 5w-30 5litres £24.99

10w and 15w

Silkolene PRO S 10w-50 5litres £32.49
Silkolene PRO R 15w-50 5litres £32.49
Castrol RS 10w-60 4litres or 4x1litres £29.99
Mobil 1 15w-50 4litres or 4x1 litres £29.99
Fuchs XTR 10w-40 5litres or 5x1litres £15.99
Silkolene XTR 10w-40 4litres or 4x1litres £12.99
Castrol Performance 10w-40 5x1litres £20.99
Motul 300V Chrono 10w-40 2x2litres £31.99
Motul 300V Competition 15w-50 4litres or 2x2litres £29.99
Motul 6100 Synergie 10w-40 5litres £19.99
Motul 6100 Synergie 15w-50 5litres £19.99

Gear Oils and others

Silkolene BOA 90LS 1litre £5.99
Fuchs Titan Gear 75w-90 1litre £3.99 / 4litres £16.99
Motul Gear 300 75w-90 1litre £9.49
Silkolene SYN 5 75w-90 1litre £8.99
Motul Gear 75w-90 1litre £6.99
Motul 90PA (LS) 2litres £8.99
Motul Dexron III 1litre £5.99
Fuchs Titan ATF 4000 (Dex III) 1litre £4.99 / 4litres £15.99
Motul Racing brake fluid (DOT 4) 0.5litre £5.99
Motul Brake fluid DOT 5.1 0.5litre £4.99

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to email, PM or call us and we'll get back to you, leaving this thread for PRE-ORDER purposes only.

Email: [email protected] Tel: 01209 215164

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