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Hi Guys

The Dragon boys will be out in force.

My Black six will be there early, been ordered to get back early border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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can u add me 2 your list aswell.Look out for my Black E6
I'll be travelling up from West London anyone else going up from nearby,Anybody fancy going in convoy.
Richard(slaphead racing),
hows it going mate? do you want to meet up and go down in convoy? please post up details if possible.

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Paul (the Short one)

Will be setting off at 8.00 am Sunday from my place in Chippenham with Steve Tucker6, Anthony Gannon4 and amp; Tony (Swiss?)3. Will be going via Swindon so should be best to pick you up on the way. Suggest Outside Swindon Audi dealers nr J16 (8:30).


Note extra car Tony (E3)


Note my e-mail is not working at the moment

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List of attendees so far !!

Ian - Turbo 2000 rally
Alister - GSR 188 RS
Richard - GSR (E3 kit)
Colin - E1
Trevor - E1
Tony - E1
Tony - E3
Anthony - E4
Paul - E4
Mr mime - E6
Evo Boy - E6
Brian and amp; Jo - E6
Paul and amp; Teri - Pajero Evo
Rob and amp; Rachel - E6
Kevin - E6
Mark - E6 MAD
Andy F - E6 RSX
Adrian / Jo - E6
Stuart - E6
Mike - E6
Steve - E6
Franco - E6
Chris - E6
Mark J - E6
Baljit - E6
Jerry - E6
Mark - E6 TM
Darren - E6 TM

Daz - don't no if there's a show a shine but I will have my polishing gear with me !! you never no who's around !

See you all Sunday - look out for the speed camera's on M1 etc


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Should be a good event, and if everyone turns up I will have never seen so many evo's in one place ! I look foward to putting some names/cars to faces.
C U Sunday,

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Are there any traders going to be there on Sunday ? It would be nice if we could take a few photies for a write up in Wastegate Chatter. I would offer but my 3 year old daughter threw my camera on the floor last weekend !

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I'll have my camera with me, its only a point and amp; press but pickies are usually v.good - let me know if you want me to take some for sending to Wastegate Chatter.

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I'll play david bailey then , Nikon F5 etc , so all look yr best!
That point and shoot will probably do better tho

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Great. An E3. I can get the missing pictures for my guide border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >, I'l bring a copy of it 'so far' for a quick opinion as well.

This show is near Northhampton right ? Thats the place that has gone seriously against speeding ?
Take care whilst getting there, I bet the police will see this event as a serious revenue opportunity [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Trevor, is it grass or hardstanding, if its grass I'll bring the Gazeebo, it only takes about 5 minutes to put up and will help shield anyone from the sun if they are sat near the cars during the day.


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To Dazmakinen

It would be great if you could do a write up for the Mag. The MLR digi camera should be there |PLS| Trevor usually takes some good pics. Look me out when I get there - Black E6 T6BAS.

To everyone
Duke video rep will be there getting some more footage of owners and amp; their cars for the Lancer Vid. I think they will be interviewing some owners asking questions about their cars, why evo/ not impreza etc etc..


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is there anymore spaces for the JAE? I want to attend too!!! please keep a space for me please!!! thanx Leon!!!

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Any places left for me!

I would like to come up on that Sunday, I am coming from Bournemouth any1 else wanna convoy it up there.

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I want to come along to JAE. I attended last year in my FTO but I'll be bringing the EVO this year.

For those who have not been before, this isn't an event where you'll get much sleep!!!!!!!!! Bloody Nissan's :)))

I'll be present on the Friday ( and amp; friday night), Saturday ( and amp; Saturday night) and Sunday.
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