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Japananese Auto-Extravaganza , Billing Aquadrome, Northampton
Sat 28th and amp; Sun 29th July

This years JAE is being hosted by the Datsun 'Z' Club. Up to 500 cars are expected to attend with several trade stands going along.

Admission to the show ground this year will be FREE, except for the usual entrance fee to Billing Aquadrome itself, which is £7 per car.

THe MLR is attending on the SUNDAY, so come on !! support your club and come along for a couple of hours or so. It's ideal for the family, park the car up and take in the activities of the Aquadrome.

Let me know if you are coming in order for me to keep a space.

Trevor - [email protected] or [email protected]


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Come on ! Who else is going. border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

Just me and Trev with our early Evo's ?


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Sunday ,no problem ,should have car back next week.
I need a new outfit though do pound stretcher or some where as can't afford much after this latest bill.OUCH!

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Barring acts of God, I should be there. Please save me a spot.
What time are you setting up ?

Be rude not to attend , since I live nearby

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Hi Trevor

Just a quick note to say I will be up there next Sunday with Jo. Spoke to A Gannon (E4) this morning who said he is going along with S Tucker (E6) who has just had some new 19' rims put on. We will be driving up in convoy together from Chippenham area. Anyone else coming from around here welcome to join in.
Not sorted times out yet.


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Confirmed attendees for SUNDAY :-

Richard - GSR (E3 kit)
Trevor - E1
Tony -E1
Anthony - E4
Paul - E4
Mr mime - E?
Evo Boy - E?
Brian and amp; Jo - E6
Paul and amp; Teri - Pajero Evo
Rob and amp; Rachel - E6
Kevin - E6
Mark - E6 MAD
Adrian / Jo - E6
Stuart - E6
Mike - E6
Steve - E6
Darren - E6 TM

Anybody else ???


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Is there room to fit in an E6 RSX at short notice... I'm not actually a member of the MLR yet but can I sign up on Sunday?

DJack / Evoboy, The other half (Miss RSX) and me will be driving down from Altrincham on Sunday morning. Any suggestions as to when and where you want to meet up to head on down?


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How about Corley services on the M6 ? , thats just before the M69 intersection.

I was intending to be at the show for about 10.30 , so hows say 9.45 at the services?

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Sounds fine by me. I'll keep my eyes open in the car park because I bet we'll be difficult to spot border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| absmiddle >

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