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Although the MLR will not have a 'stand' at this show we have booked a space for 20 cars on the main day which is SUNDAY 19th JUNE.

You will need a pass to gain access to the club stand area / MLR area and these passes are available on a 'first come first served basis' from me.

PM ME WITH YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND I WILL POST A PASS OUT TO YOU - I am away for a few days but will post out the passes on THURSDAY 16th - First class.

Entry to Santa Pod is £15.00 payable on the day or from the ticket Hotline - 01234 782 828

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Big thanks,

Looking forward to it, Cant wait and they say the weather is going to be nice too.

See you all there. :)

Thanks again

Steve ;)
Cheers mate

Only joined the MLR a couple of days ago so it will be good to meet up with you guys there

See ya sunday

Thanks for organising this mate be good to see you all up there :coolsm:
cheers for the pass m8
c u all there.
Many thanks Pugsy.

C U all on the day.

What time is the earliest we can arrive?

This is only my second show displaying my Evo 5 (first was Japfest), so I'm looking foward to meeting up with some fellow Evo owners again.
thanks for the passes dude. cu all there. gates open at 7am for traders and car clubs. is anyone going to be running on the day?
Cheers for arranging the passes should be a good day so what time are most of you getting there ?

I'll be convoying to the Pod on the Sunday with 3 Pulsar GTIR's and an Evo 6 from Bedford. I would imagine we'll get there about 8:30am.

I probably won't be going up the strip on the's just too busy. However, I'll be there on the Saturday too, on the RWYB Jap Show day, so I may have a go then.
I will be having a run on sunday down the strip last one B4 getting it down wrc Technologies next month for the remap - I will be getting there about 8.00 am - in a convoy with a couple of supras - Mr2 - GTR32 and a very naughty black GTR34 700bhp skyline - it ran early 11's last time hoping for a 10 something??? - I will be happy with 13's
Received my pass today cheers :coolsm: see you all Sunday :D
Gonna have to wash the car now :cry:
Recieved pass also cheers pugsy (blimey you lot are getting there early) :eek:
krissevo said:
(blimey you lot are getting there early) :eek:
Was thinking the same thing.

Would 9;00 to 930 be ok ??
Yeah my pass today. Cheers Pugsy.

Looks like it's gonna be a hot one. Don't forget the sun cream!
Do we know where where meeting

Thanks again, got my pass today :).. Do we know where we are all meeting never been before, so a mini guide would be great or a map of the place. I can get there no problem, But when i do i drive though the car parks and round the strip, Will be getting there about 9:30 tommorow so see you all there.

Steve :crackup:
Had a great day today the weather was a bit too hot though,

Thanks to the Black Evolution II GSR owner who informed me of the Oil leak I had developed after my 3rd run. I was going to have some more runs too but as I had to return back to Doncaster that was a definate no no.

My best run was 13.4 secs @ 96 mph, was hoping for quicker but still great fun :coolsm: :coolsm:
heres my best time for today
never made it to the mlr stand sorry had some issues while running but very good day


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AL we need a microscope to see it
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