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hi hi
i just blow my turbo.thinking of upgrade the turbo like atp3071r or 3037s kits.but the problem is the evo6-tme stock internal is a bit too weak for that!!!they tend to band easy(con-rod) after 1.6 bar are they?? :blah:
so.i found a jackson auto(usa).they do stroker kit my car.
for about £1300.???? :rolleyes:
finally .if i have that stroker kit with 272/272 cams and
evo8 mr turbo.with some other stage2 mods .like apexi'
power F C @about 1.6bar
anyone think this is possible???how long will the turbo last??
co's my buget is bit tight that's why.!!! :kloguck:
is there any idea >????i want reliable 400bhp(hope)
:D :rolleyes: :confused: thanks
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