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Well even though I still have write access, I have decided to stump up my £25 for membership, for the following reasons.

£25 is not a lot of money.
Darin has sent 2 mags to my address and the 2nd has finally got here. He sent it recorded with a note.
The ammount of people who replied to my Bye post and A: a said it was a shame and B: Indirectly made me realise I was being tight.
When I sell my house (hopefully this year) I will have about 20K to spend. Icelle blue for me.
I already buy the mags and have offered £10 to keep write access, so the full membership only ammounts to an extra £5 over what Ii was willing to spend.
Pondy has kindly offered to let me be his co driver on the new forrest meet.
I want to keep the MLR as good as it is now, if not better so my membership (and everyone else's) will help.

Pondy. You said it would not take long, and yes I am available to go on the 1st April if thats ok.


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Well done Lee!!!

£25 squids is not alot of money these days and amp; to have everything you could possibly need to know at your fingertips is well worth it IMO.
Especially when you have a car that costs the same as a small house in some parts of the UK!

To the moaning fraternaty i have one thing to say..... GET YOUR MONEY OUT YOU TIGHT GITS :D

Even if you are not an owner and amp; looking to buy and amp; seriously intrested in buying then £25 to find out what its all about is chicken feed!
You pay more than that to do HPI check dont you? (dont quote me on that)

If i had a Nova, i would think twice about the £25 as this may be have the value of my proposed car.

Having paid 1/2 year subcription last year and amp; full subscription this year all I can say is LONG LIVE READ ONLY ACCESS TO NON PAID UP MEMBERS.


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Well done sir! I spend more on Easter eggs than this years membership! I'm glad you've realised that £25.00 measley pounds is a bargain! :)

Jap Racer,

Well said! ;)

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Thats all well and good. If I lived in the U.K., I would not hesitate to be part of your club. I just wonder how many of you guys would pay $75AUD to post messages on a forum based 12,000 miles away. I hope we can form something similar in Autralia.
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