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I was stopped whilst driving earlier in the week when it was dark.
I was driving through a country lane here in the sticks and amp; was pulled over by blue flashing lights.
The policeman got out of his car and amp; said that the lamps in the bumper should not have been on.
I tried to argue that they were in fact driving lights and amp; not fog lights when the official opinion of this copper came out...

i know dey is well wicked and amp; look cool but dey is fogs innit

I explained to the elderly officer I would prefer him not to talk to me like that as I was not a (a)boy racer
(b) I did go to schoool (c) I did not have PUMPING TUNES coming from the cabin (d) was a company director (e) i had never stolen a car stereo in my life...the list was endless when he told me i could have a £30 quid fine if they didnt go off.
I also tried to explain that with japanese cars 99.9% when having lamps on the front operate on a switch which automatically turns the sidelights on at the same time.

when you is sellin de mota you can bees tellin the punta dey is wicked and amp; dats fofishal.

P/s I know they are fogs.

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Some of these coppers really dont have a clue.

I was driving along a long A road, with a M3 behind me, and a cop car 2 cars behind the M3. The road was straight, and the M3 overtook me, and about 4 other cars, dangerously, with the cars coming the other way flashing their lights and tooting their horns.

Anyway, about 2 miles later, the cop car over took me on a dual carriageway, and then flashed his lights asking me to pull over. When I pulled over, he said my front number plate was illegal, and gave me a ticket.

I said to the copper, how the hell he could spot my number plate being too small when he couldnt see the M3 driver overtaking dangerously and breaking the speed limit????

He just said well, if you want to report me , so I didnt bother taking it any further. What a ****. It was just because I had a modded car.

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I hope he gave you the £30 fine. Driving with front fogs on when theres no fog is just irresponsible and annoying to other road users

flame suit on.

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Couldnt agree with you more RS Pilot..and i dont think you`ll be needing the flame suit on in here :)


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must be nice to live in a well lit world.
maybe ill replace the headlight bulb with something other than the candles mitsubishi deemed fitting!

no fire suit needed, we're all grown ups.

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I tried to argue that they were in fact driving lights and amp; not fog lights

Regardless what it say in your manual, front bumper lights are only driving lights when they can only operate with main beam (i.e. it's impossible to turn them on with sidelights or dipped headlights). Using these with sidelights or dipped headlights is illegal unless it's foggy so he was probably right to pull you over but sounded like a **** anyway.


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you are missing the point.
I am not a boy racer
Have you tried driving down country lanes with just the dipped beam on?
I am past the looking cool look.
been there done that got t shirts, owned those sorts of cars 8/9 years ago.
The thread was to show how the police look upon young looking people who drive flash cars
and to add a selling point to your evo (not vauxhall)
Nova eh? intresting, Thats not you on page 98 of max power is it?
Nice !

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I got pulled last week by two coppers in a T5 estate jobbie.

Came upto a roundabout, saw them parked up opposite it, so i turned left and floored it 1st and 2nd gears..... low and behold they came after me (not before i`d overtaken a couple more cars though to wind them up a little more hehe).When i stopped copper came up to passenger side door, opened it and nelt down beside the car, asked if it was my car etc. etc..there`s a purge on stolen high performance cars blah,blah. Copper was really sound, i even said to him i always bait coppers and that they were the first two who had ever taken it..he just smiled, and even said the car sounded awesome off the `round about :D Point been i have a high performance flash motor, and always have had to a point, and everytime i`ve been pulled(which is very rare in itself) the coppers have been sound.

Last week my m8 got pulled in his Saxo VTR for simply having his fogs on (unlike me who was flooring a supercar),and got no end of grief off the coppers.At the end of the day people who drive with their fogs on (apart from MPV`s) are generally young know it alls who resent coppers and any sign of authority, and as such when they saw you with your fogs on you imediately fell into that catagory, the same as he did.


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Your argument that having your front fogs on (sorry, driving lights!) adds to the amount of light produced is total kak. Have you ever checked? The light must illuminate at least six feet of road in front of your car.

The police are absolutely correct to clamp down on this, Evo's, Imprezas, or any cars driving around with fogs on are a pain in the arse.

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No hard feelings but I hate people that drive about with their fog lights on. The worst has got to be the f#cking ***** that have their side lights on with fogs. I just give thema nice load of full beam, they soon get the message :D

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Kevin is spot on. The lamps only illuminate a few feet and mainly the headge. There is no useful extra illumination for hacking down a country lane, cos you need to be looking a lot further than a few feet ahead.

Sorry, but driving with fogs when its not foggy seriously gets on my goat.


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Sorry to barge in on the arguement LOL:)

Can someone clarify Please. Are fog lights and drive lights the same. I assume drive lights are spot lights that only come on with main beam.


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As far as I'm aware, any (non-indicator) lights that are not on the same level as your main lights are either:

a) fog lights, if they operate from a seperate switch and can be turned on at any time, or

b) driving lights, if they are hardwired to only come on when main (full) beam is selected, and turn off when dipped is selected.

so if you see white lights on a bumper of a car who is not using full beam, they are fog lights. And yes, after checking what level of illumination they offered (just after I got the car :)), they appear pretty pointless for seeing more than 10 feet down the road, but do a great job of lighting up the hedges by the side. If you want more illumination, you're better off using full beam and/or getting uprated bulbs that still fall within current UK statutes on maximum output for dipped beam (65W I think, but I'm not sure).

As far as whether I like people driving with them on, I'd prefer it if they didn't but at this point I couldn't care less... no matter how often or vocally I see this opined upon, I still see people driving with fogs on on clear nights. Bah...


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Don't take any notice, KEEP DEM ON.

If I had fogs on mine I wood have dem on all da time no prob's, as my son wood say OUT DA WAY, BAD BOY CUMIN nuff said

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2nd that Street,but as you know i have fogs/driving lights whatever they are,i dont care they work and look wicked during the day,they must be the rudest lights around and on the best car, what more could a B-Boy want.

Japracer,that makes two of us then!!

Take care


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Why is ther so much negativity about driving with Fog lights on? (unless its raining and reflecting up and forwards!)
If i'm on my own in the car it's 'i'm here, look at me, my cars nice and clean like a new penny! and boy does it go!!!!:D'
If the wifes in the car with me its 'i'm a sensible law abiding citizen on a sunday cruise to the shops' fog lights off..the wife wants me to be sensible and act my age........
Ok your right.....may be i should get Corsa and MAX it:D!

funnily enough i always used to flash people with thier fog lights on when i drove my BMW:)

and i do feel like a 'Bad Boy for Life' when driving my baby.

Just my oppinion......'init':)!

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