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I've managed to knacker the transfer box on my Evo IV, at least thats what my mechanics think it is. I was wondering if I explained what has happened someone might be able to confirm the worst!!!!!!
The car was given a good run around Castle Coombe about a month ago, about 3 days after I noticed a slight drivetrain whine which over the following week got a bit louder. I went on holiday for 2 weeks and the car was stationary. When I returned I drove the car and decided I need to have my oil levels checked, I was driving it to my garage this morning when the slight whine got progressively louder and eventually a loud knocking started up. The car has been up on the ramp and the whole drive train jolts, we have disconnected the propshaft but the knocking is still there, I had the AYC fluid changed a week before the track day and the oil from the transfer box doesn't resemble the oil we put in it:(.

Thank you.
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