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Is this normal for my 3?

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Ok, when my Evo 3 first landed here from Japan it had the following parts; Exedy Twin Plate Cutch, Kakimoto 3 inch exhaust (is anyone familiar with this system and know if they come with decat and downpipe??), HKS Intake, Brake Master Cylinder Stoppers, Blitz Turbo Timer and Nology leads. Since it has arrived I have put in Denso Iridium plugs, new leads, Blitz Dual SBC Spec R, and an HKS SSQ BOV. My boost controller is set to 35% Power, 80% Gain for normal daily driving which gives me a peak of 1.09 bar holding through all gears when I floor it. I also have my highest mode which I only use on the 1/4 mile as 50% Power, and 80% Gain which gives me 1.37 bar peak and held through all gears! Now when I have it at the 35% power and she starts to get to about 1 bar of boost the engine sounds different, like a pumping sound that you can hear, what is this? (injectors, fuel pump, etc???) When I use the 50% power and get the 1.37 bar this same noise is kinda fluctuated, it slows down for like a second in between pumps and then you can feel the car slow a bit with this but boost is still goin so I don't think it's fuel cut, it just slows the boost held. Am trying to find out a couple things; what's this sound? should my car be able to run this kinda boost like this or should I check for other unseen upgrades such as ecu, etc?? When I run over 1 bar I begin to smell fuel when I ease off, is this because the car is running rich or lean at this boost and will the SAFC2 and the FPR that I have coming remedy this?? Lastly, with all the parts I listed here and running at 1.37 bar, how much horsepower and torque should I have approximately right now to the fly and to the wheels? And what 1/4 mile time do you expect me to be running considering I am a good driver. Thanks MLR!!
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Carl said:
You think thats high I was talking to a lad at a jap car gathering and asked him how much boost he runs.... "Well if I need a bit more speed I just chuck it on about 1.6bar" :eek:

Standard engine.... :D

Forking L!!! :rolleyes:
Carl said:
yeah but but "it goes well" :D
For about half a mile! :blah:
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