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for those that cannot read the link above:

A NEW Mercedes Benz was fitted with secondhand alloy wheels and used tyres just before it left a leading car sales showroom, a court heard yesterday.

The angry customer later parked the car outside the premises with a sign claiming the company did not "give a damn", the civil court was told.

Businessman Robert Ryan had ordered high-spec alloys as extras on his €66,500 E200 Automatic Kompressor.

He received assurances from Mercedes dealer Annesley Williams's salesman John Redell that they were new with the car.

But Mr Ryan, of 150 Howth Road, Clontarf, Dublin, decided he would have them checked out at a tyre centre.

This confirmed the tyres on his day-old Kompressor were secondhand and had completed about 10,000 miles, with about a third of the tyre tread depth worn away.

Mr Ryan, took a breach of contract claim for return of the €66,500 purchase price and a legal reversal of the deal, which included a trade-in of his Mercedes S320.

He alleged Mr Redell had subsequently conceded the wheels and tyres were secondhand.

Yesterday, Colm Condon, who appeared for Mr Ryan, told Judge Joseph Mathews in the Circuit Civil Court that the case had been remitted from the High Court and had been settled following inter-party talks.


Annesley Williams Ltd, of Old Airport Road, Cloghran, Co Dublin, had stated in a defence that the wheels and tyres had been replaced with new ones within a week of purchase.

The car company had counter-claimed against Mr Ryan for damages for defamation and trespass, alleging he had locked and abandoned the car, blocking the forecourt of its Cloghran garage.

Inside the car, an easily read display stated: "Annesley Williams sold me this brand new Mercedes Benz knowingly and deliberately putting second-hand wheels and tyres on the new car.

"Although admitting liability, they don't give a damn."

Eoghan Cole, counsel for Annesley Williams, said the firm was happy to have come to an agreement with Mr Ryan to his satisfaction.

Details of the settlement were not divulged in court.

- Ray Managh
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