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Introducing MTEC Brakes to the MLR......

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Hi all,
We have just joined the forum as a trader :smthumbup

Established in 2004, we are primarily a manufacturer of performance brake discs. We are also authorised re-sellers for Mintex, EBC and Carbotech brake pads.

We always carry large stocks of all evo fitments, from 1 through to 10's,
Drilled and grooved
Grooved only
Drilled only
Dimpled and grooved

We offer free UK and Ireland posting, and have a 24hr option available if you are in a hurry :smthumbup

We have a great sales team on standby to help you get what you need-just call them on Freephone 0800 410 1910

We are currently running a special discount code for Evo discs-20% off RRP-just check our website for details :smthumbup

Our website is

Website Facebook Tel 0800 410 1910

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Welcome to the forum, will check out prices when discs are due :smthumbup
Welcome. :smthumbup
has any one ever done a brake pad compare on the same car same disc etc ?
There's always been talk of doing this type of test, but brake pads have many different characteristics that can be measured-so quite difficult to get comprehensive results.
Think I just brought a set from ebay of you guys
What can you do for a standard brembo set up? After just discs all round and I was thinking dimpled and grooved as hear drilled more likely to have issues. For a IV
hi guys,
We have all the different styles in stock ready to ship, including dimpled and grooved,
Just follow the above link and youo can select your preferred style. Use the discount code EVO20 for the best prices on the discs,
For track use we would recommend grooved only or dimpled and grooved. We have used both styles ourselves and they performed great,
We have the different styles listed on our website at present, all with 20% off. Just use the discount code EVO20.
For track use we would recommend dimpled and grooved or grooved only, again all available on the website,
I've just ordered drilled and grooved front and rear :smthumbup
All in stock guys for next day delivery if required :thumbup:
Any feedback on these? Due a set front and back soon. Is the 20% off still running?:naughty:
Throughout my years on the vauxhall scene Mtec have always been highly rated, even on Ebay prices seemed competitive!
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Is the Evo20 code still valid?

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Yes the discount should still be valid-let me know if you experience any issues and I will get it sorted asap :smthumbup
not working... just tried it
not working... just tried it
Same here...

Coupon EVO20 (or evo20) does not appear to work on the basket


Mark H
Sorry about that folks-my IT guy tells me he only set it up as a one use code so it has been updated and tested and should be ok now:smthumbup
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