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Intriguing animal question....??

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I was speaking to an Evo I owning friend of mine today who posed the question that surely must be on the minds of the vast majority of the planet's population , and it is this:
"Do Zebras make the same noise as a Horse?"...opinions please , on this????? :p
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just checked the one in my back garden...and defo a donkey-type noise
although technically a donkey is really a type of 'ass'....

hmmm....ass crossing, zebra crossing
ass crossing, zebra crossing
the sound on that link is like an 'aesthmatic dog on weed'

...which means I've been done...
I think I've been sold a donkey painted up like a zebra
...thought the performance and road holding was not as it should have been....
btw, it's got coilovers, induction kit etc
should I take it back to 'keigthley trade centre ?'
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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