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What are the limitations of the standard intercooler pipes and what benefit can be gained by upgrading. In particular, what issues are there running higher boost through the factory fitted pipes?

Thanks :)

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i was looking into the posts about this, and it seems like the turbo outlet pipe is the only one which is a problem, but hks dont sell that one on its own, do you know if anyone else sells them??


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I posted my findings for my HKS IC pipe kit on a recent thread (search will find it) , make yr decision accordingly , 1 piece of advice tho , don't b tempted 2 buy a kit with weld fabricated bends , this will restrict airflow , go 4 a kit that is mandrel bent , ie smooth bends.

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Not worth it unless you want the looks. Standard are good for over 2 bars.

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Thanks guys. I am beginning to think this is another thing to cross off the list of must haves . This tuning game is getting cheaper by the minute (not) :D

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Use hard pipe as search word's , loads come up and I found the following relavent threads :-

replacement intercooler pipe set by mark5 , 10/01/02

ralliart or HKS aluminium pipe kit by claudius , 28/05/01

I think there r a few more but I'll leave u 2 find 'em ;)

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the Pace intercooler comes with pipes
so get one ordered,or i will SELL YOU MINE (hks),cheaper than Blade,Barry,or Julian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus you would have the satisfaction of knowing they came off a very powerfull car !!!!!!!!!

ha ha ha .........beat you to it boys.

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I have the spec of the new Pace intercooler kit.....

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F!!CKING WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will be the best selling mod of the year IMHO.

Are you ready to DROOL ?

67% larger than stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intercooler covers the WHOLE front of the intake grill !!!

Kit comes complete with alloy high flow boost pipes !!!!!

High flow, slim-line cooling fan !!!!!

And you can have the 'bishi logo sprayed on the front, in any colour
of your choice for free border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >

If this kit was made by HKS, it would cost well over £1,500.

Retail is just £675|PLS|vat !

Pace are making 5 kits, should be ready in no more than 2 weeks,
and as usual, I will be able to give 10% discount [img] border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >


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Hi Guys

here are some pics of the kit.

check out

here it is on my car

I'm not sure about the logo I think they should have asked first.


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it looks very good, but what kind of temps are the guys with the big boost and big boost are seeing? i thought if you are not seeing over 42 degrees ( optimimum power) then there is no need for a bigger intercooler? plus there is the added lag as well.

i have obviously never meassured the charge temps in my evo yet, so i could be talking a lot of rubbish, but since i have got a guage for that from my previous car it won't be very difficult to hook up :D

don' t the 7 have improved piping as standard? is there a kit made for the 7 already?

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