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We note from your Vehicle Registration Document, your car is a Mitsubishi Evolution GSR...
Until now, Admiral have been providing cover for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI.
I have referred the correct vehicle model to our Underwriters, as the 'GSR' model does not appear on our list of models we can insure.
Regretfully, our Underwriters have confirmed the 'GSR' model is not a model Admiral can provide cover for.
As your vehicle is unacceptable to our underwriting criteria, we will be unable to continue cover. Therefore, we will cancel your policy....
Surely this can't be legal, might be worth talking to the nice people at the Insurance Ombudsman?

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I've just heard back from Admiral, who say their underwriters have spoken to the ABI (Assoc. of British Insurers), who say that GSRs are only available as grey imports . Supposedly, they've also checked around on several websites to confirm this !!!

I'm still waiting to talk to the underwriters myself, but don't hold out much hope of resolving this without recourse to a solicitor. I'll post a further update if/when they get back to me.


Keep your eyes open for faxes coming through, looks like I may need quotes in a hurry...

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This is very silly, even Mark from Ralliart (in this thread) verified that your car is an official UK car.

It would probably be a good idea to get a written verification that your car is an official UK one.

Which EVO VI model do they insure then ? For God's sake !!!

I would suggest to explain to (if you haven't done already) them that they will have to pay your
solicitor's expenses at the end (even if you go to a small claims court there are some ways to get
these expenses or a percentage of them).

9 I think they simply do that because they believe that they can get away without a problem because
they may believe that it will cost you more to use a solicitor. Once they get the news for a hearing
it will probably be a totally different story !)

Best of luck,


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I also set cover up with admiral, and my policy docs say I am insured on a EVO 6 same as you, I told them that is was a 6 RS Sprint and they said that was fine. I didn't have the V5 when I insured my car and I told them it was a UK model as that, was I what I belived, Ralliart supplied all their cars as (Still do).

I have just asked my better half to check the V5 and it is called a 2 ridged axle 4 door saloon apparently. No mention of EVO anywhere. Also it says it was imported new to GB by importer. Does this mean it is a Grey. I hope not!

Like alot of you guys on here, It is worry enough expecting it not to be in the garage in the morning, or having some plum t-bone you at a roundabout, last thing you need is for the insurance Co to invalidate your claim if you do have a crunch.



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****, looks like your policy is less likely to hold up to their scrutiny than mine. At least my V5 says Mitsubishi Evo GSR above the 2-axle-rigid body blurb.

Unless I can get them to see sense soon, I'd guess Admiral may see a number of worried Evo drivers cancelling at the earliest opportunity. Anyone about to renew, in my opinion, would be nuts to stay with them, and from my chats today, I'd suggest they talk to Jeremy (InsBro).

Having delved on the ABI website (, IIRC), there is a list of all the Evo's they are aware of, together with a numeric code. Hopefully, insurers like Admiral use these codes, which may give some leverage when getting them to decide whether they can insure your motor.

I hope I didn't mislead anyone in any of the above posts. Admiral haven't said they won't cover the claim, everything's progressing with that OK, simply that they will no longer cover my car, terminating my insurance as of this coming Sunday.

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Further update:

I've spoken to the Admiral Underwriter who, get this, doesn't know that much about cars to make a decision. (Fills you with confidence, huh ?? I would have thought an interest in cars would be a prerequisite for a job like this !) He's going to do more research, such as ringing Mitsi (told him to talk to Ralliart, do you think he'll take any notice ??) and hopefully give me a decision on Friday morning.

The fact that i'm not the only one with an Evo 6 insured through them didn't seem to matter to him, nor did the fact that said customers were now worried over their cover. He also stated that Admiral are seriously considering withdrawing the Evo VI entry, so I wouldn't expect any of you other Admiral customers to be offered a renewal when the time comes - my personal advice would be to tell them where to stick it, if they did offer to renew ! If any of you would like to supply me with your details, I'll pass them on to my solicitor, if (as I think they will) Admiral cancel my cover.

I had him check what ABI vehicle code they were using for their Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI entry, and, unsurprisingly, they aren't using an ABI code - they've made one up, just like they invented the model !!

Expect an update Friday lunchtime, but don't expect it to be good news.

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just checked the abi site and there is no group listing for the TME, is this why i had so much trouble getting a quote from the likes of AXA and LlloydsTSB and even Adrian Flux (who seem to insure anything).

went with competition car insurance, need to join a recognised club and get a competition license, but that is only a paper exercise and saved me £800


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Hi All

Just a quick plug - as they say:

We CAN insure ANY model of Evo - I II III IV V VI and amp; VII, GSR, RS, RSX, RS-2, TME and amp; Extreme if I've missed any let me know but it doesnt mean we can't do it.

Oh! the 1800cc also.

We may not always be most competative but we know what the cars are!!

Garaging for Evo's 1 - V makes it loads cheaper
Garaging and amp; Satellite Tracking for VI and amp; VII is also cheaper

We cant promise to win them all, but we will have a good go.

Tel 01782 286 311 or I can email you a quote form.

MLR/Evo discount of 10% coming soon (fingers crossed)

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Just so you know I have a letter here from Ralliart stating that my car is a UK car and not a grey import.

I also had my car insured by Admiral as a UK car and not an import. they can basically kiss my ass, I'll phone them and see what they are going to do about it


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right just phoned Admiral and explained the situation to them, I was told that they have noted that my car is a UK car.

I explained about the reg doc stating its a GSR and the policy doesn't, I was told that isn't a problem as long as its a UK car. I told them I have a letter confirming that it is and asked for a letter to be sent out confirming that there would be no issue if I had to claim on this policy, I'll put one in the post to you

now lets see them try anything!

It may be a good idea for you to ring CCC and get them to send a letter of proof to Admiral


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I'm finding the same type of problems
i'm getting a uk e6 from ralliart this weekend, every insurace company who have asked for my vin number say it's an import, this is because all uk e6 had individual sva tests witch means they keep the Jap vin no (acording to Colin @ raliiart).
If you don't get ant joy try Rob @A-plan 08450 711234 he knows the score.
He was cheaper than everyone else even Tescos

The Shedi Master

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Thanks for that. It's more ammo to throw at the underwriter. Would you mind emailing me your policy no. and a few details to prove who you are to them ?


Jeremy (InsBro - see above) has his head screwed on (he's just bought a 6 GSR), and furnished me with a quote knocking £300 or so off Admiral's. If you haven't signed up with A-Plan, it might be worth contacting him too. (Hey Jeremy, do I get commission ??).

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I got what I thought would be an unbeatable quote today from Rob at A-Plan, but InsBro managed to beat it so it's worth giving him a call.


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I've just had another conversation with the Admiral underwriter - GOOD NEWS :) :) :)

They are prepared to continue my cover up to the renewal date, though, since they're seriously considering dropping Evos from their list, it's unlikely they will want to cover me beyond that (as if I would renew anyway !!)

I'm still waiting to see this in writing (apparently, there's a fax winging its way through the ether right now; it must be caught up in that legendary bermuda triangle vortex for faxes, cheques, and the like..!)

I'm not sure what to recommend for other people with insurance policies through Admiral: should you keep your heads down and hope that it won't happen to you, and therefor not have to go through this sh!t; or contact Admiral and get written confirmation that you're covered. The underwriter I have been dealing with, who now has some idea what an Evolution VI GSR is (and he knows of RSs too), is Greg Steel (or is it Steal ??).

Jeremy (InsBro): thanks for your help over the past few days. If possible, can you keep my details on file, as I will definitely be in touch in June, hopefully with a higher NCD !

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good news, if you do need anything from me drop me a mail and I'll send you what you need


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Thanks, but all I need now is the promised (and so far undelivered) confirmation in writing from Admiral that all's well.

Which means I can still have fun this weekend :):);)
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