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Please Help !

Is there such a thing as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, as opposed to an Evolution VI GSR, Extreme, or TME ?

The reason for the question is due to a letter I've just received from my insurers, Admiral, from which I quote:

We note from your Vehicle Registration Document, your car is a Mitsubishi Evolution GSR...
Until now, Admiral have been providing cover for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI.
I have referred the correct vehicle model to our Underwriters, as the 'GSR' model does not appear on our list of models we can insure.
Regretfully, our Underwriters have confirmed the 'GSR' model is not a model Admiral can provide cover for.
As your vehicle is unacceptable to our underwriting criteria, we will be unable to continue cover. Therefore, we will cancel your policy....

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What a load of rubbish they are talking, there are two basic models of evo 6 The RS and The GSR,
all of the others are variants of the above. ring around for other quotes or check with insbro on this site


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Thats funny as I have a written quotation from them to insure my E6 GSR , although I didn`t use them because they would not cover trackdays , I re-insured with Privilege for £1063 fully comp for me and amp; the wife with full trackday cover :)

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I have checked our records and can confirm that your car is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR, official UK car, and whichever order the words appear in shouldn't give anyone cause for concern.

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i am with admarial to my car is a evo6 gsr i have just spoken to them and they say there is no problem with my cars insurance cover. they say there must be some mistake get in touch and we can speak to them at the same time and get some answers ??????

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Admiral cancelled my policy a few years back too for fitting a different filter because they didn't know what it was! It went to their underwriters as well, who don't seem to know a lot!


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What a load of tosh. These Insurers really dont have a clue.

I would recommend sending them a letter, with a copy of your registration document.

I have had this sort of problem with other insurers, like Bennetts.

It is a real headache, especially as you feel on tenderhooks driving your car around.

A friend of mine had a car accident (not his fault), and had a new aftermarket front bumper fitted to his car, paid for by his insurers). A week later, he had a letter from them saying that his insurance was cancelled due to not having a standard bumper. *****

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Thanks for all the helpful comments.

I intend to speak to Admiral on Monday, to see if I can sort this out. I'll let you all know how I get on. Anyone know any good solicitors in the Leeds area, just in case ?

This all started when they asked to see my registration document, following a claim (some ****** tried overtaking me while I was doing a U-turn), so if you've got insurance with them, better hope you don't have a claim!

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Don't you just hate insurance companies that try to wriggle out of claims with pathetic excuses like this..... They didn't care whether the car was an Evolution GSR, a Lancer Evolution VI or whatever when they accepted your application for cover, but now you actually want to get something back for your hefty premiums and put in a claim..... Very best of luck with the claim.


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Is your car an import or a Mitsubishi supplied car, some of the ins companies get a bit funny imports for no reason, If they asked if it was a uk car and you said yes but it was supplied by an importer then they may get a bit strange.

let us know how you get on.


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ok here I go!

1. I'm insured with Admiral
2. My car is insurred as a UK car
3. on my policy it states Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI
4. I just got cover for an aftermarket exhuast and filter and wasn't even asked any questions about them at all, not model, not estimated BHP increase, nothing. I was charged £40 for the 6 months that remain of my policy
5. The admiral web site online quote doesn't ask about GSR or RS
6. Admiral are talking out of their big smelly butts :D this will just get thrown out in a second as soon as someone (admiral) gets off their arses and does a little research

hugs and kisses

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Black Knight,

No, Admiral know it's a UK spec, as confirmed by Ralliart above (thanks Mark). They even know about the modified exhaust.

Ryan and amp; Evo400,

I sure hope you guys don't have to go through this ****. With luck, I'll be able to get them to see sense on Monday.

I'll keep you posted.

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It sounds to me like they have missed out the Lancer bit! They probably cant find a Mitsubishi Evo, when they should be looking for an Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

We have heard of similar problems before, most regularly that they will insure Extreme's but not a Tommi Mak, now work that one out??

If you get really stuck, give me a ring. If the accident is clearly not your fault I maybe able to get someone to directly claim against the third party and therefore not involving your company at all.


Iain - Tett Hamilton (MLR Insurance Scheme)

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No, they seem to be confused over the GSR bit. They think a GSR is something different to an Evo VI !

The accident wasn't my fault - the other guy admitted he was at fault (thought I was pulling over, despite my right indicator flashing !). The best bit is, his insurance had lapsed, so he's paying the lot himself. I'm guessing it's too late to involve another company, since Admiral have already paid (I assume) for the repairs to my 6, though I am still waiting for their legal team to sort out my out-of-pocket expenses claim against the 3rd party.

I'll probably be in touch regarding insurance, either at renewal time (if this gets sorted out), or more urgently if they do cancel my policy.

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Most insurance folk simply haven't a clue, even those that pride themselves on their 'performance tailored schemes'.

When ringing around for quotes for my car I'm routinely asked 'Is that an Evo 6 GSR?' when I've quite patently told them it is a 1993 car!

Good luck in sorting things out!

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Cheers Chunky!! LOL - Your right when I ring round to check my rates I get the same dumb answers.

Well if its a WRX it must be an import - NOT
Is it an Evo 6 or a Lancer Evolution - they are different groups you know - Doh!!!
A Nissan Skyline - What make is that then


I do have a clue - to some things.

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Nissan Skyline... they're made by Honda aren't they? :D

After repeating myself several times I can eventually get the rep to understand it's a 6 GSR, luckily that's one that's often on the little list so it's less hassle than a Mak or an RS.


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If you thing its difficult getting a GSR insured, try an RSX.....
My current insurers have added RSX to the back of the Lancer Evolution VI on my policy because I told them to. They don't know the spec, what it has had done or anything but they state that I'm insured on a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 RSX which is fine by me.


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If that is their problem explain them that there is no such thing as
EVO VI, but only EVO VI GSR, EVO VI RS ... Ask them to call mitsubishi
to verify it. Then ask them which model do they insure ? (RS, GSR).

Whatever they say you are cover 100% (similar thing had hapenned
with me before when I was driving a Subaru Impreza Sti 2). I told them
that it was an imported model, and an STi and during a claim they said
that they thought that the car was a UK model and therefore they were
not going to cover it.

In a very simple way I explained to them that I gave them all the info they
needed and I paid them the quoted amount and any involment of my solicitor
would be at their expense at the end.

(If you have given them your chassis number too in the insurance documents
then you are 100% covered. The chassis number which indicates the exact model
not only should be checked by them prior to the underwriters signing but als prooves
your honest intentions)

Just stay firm on your views.

Best of luck,


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Your suggestions are exactly what I've expressed to them, with regards the models they insure, etc. Told them to contact Ralliart UK, or check their website. But it seemed I was talking to the monkey, rather than the organ grinder (ie: the Underwriter, or should that be Undertaker).

The case has been referred back to the Underwriter, but I'm not exactly hopeful, and so have a few solicitors to contact.

I've also spoken to a fellow Admiral insuree, who's given me his details and the sales contact who assured him his insurance was OK (thanks Evo400), so have even more ammo to throw back in their faces if they still don't want to play.

They've only recently seen my registration document, so are saying they can no longer continue with the policy. Had they seen it initially, things might have been different.

I may have more news by the end of the day - hopefully it'll be good news, and they'll have come to their senses...
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