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What good is to get a quote about as car that you don't have.

Spoken to Direct line (over a week ago) asking them for a quote on
the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO7 Extreme S model that I am going to buy.

After giving them all the details with the outmost precision (because this is what you need
to do nowadays if you don't want a future mess with them) asked them to post the quote.
Bear in mind that I was repeating my self over and over again while telling them the model and
variant of the car.

So you can imagine my suprise when I received the quote naming the model (make and model) as
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 . Obviously ####ed my wife called them to rectify the problem. She specifically
asked about a new quote that would include the Extreme S bit. She was assured that everything would
be OK and yesterday we received the new quote again with EXACTLY the same model and make information
as the previous one. Can you find any better word to describe this other than incompetence ???

I am now in a situation that I have to wait (for a week or so) before collecting the car due to the insurance's
incompetence (I was planning to collect it this Saturday since I have to travel over 120 miles to go to Ralliart
but now I may have to reschedule for next week since registration documents are required to register, road
tax the car). I wonder, how many times it requires to call Direct line before getting the right quote details ?

Any other people with similar experience ?



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Insurance companies get on my wotsits

One firm I went to for a quote, did a good price etc, I asked several times if they had definately got the right car (Pajero Evo) and not a caravan club mobile!

When the quote arrived in writing they had got me down for a BMW 320i convertable! (mmm nice-not)
I phoned them up and they said that because they didn't have my car listed on their computer they just got another vehicle with the same group rating? Nice and re-assuring - not.

Obviously didn't use that company!

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Direct Line!!. firkin nightmare.
They drove me up the wall

had 6 letters of em in 8 months claiming thay had not received all my details and therefore I was uninsured. even had 2 more thanking me for all the 'missing' details interspersed between the 6!!

Quoted me fo an RS (apparently) every time even though I told 4 different people GSR and repeated it more than once each time, and they even regurgitated it back to me to be sure!!!

Not usually a big conspiracy believer but this has happened to sooo many people that I think it was a contrick to get the business then tell me I had to have a tracker once I'd got the car. RS doesn't need one apparently, GSR does.

utter bliss since dumping them.

was with em for 4 years and over the last year the detoriation in service was utterly stunning

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I'm ringing round at the moment - how come insurance companies list the TME as an import? They won't accept I'm trying to buy a UK spec TME and class it as an import.

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That's largely due to the ABI (Assoc. of British Insurers) listing all Evos as imports (grey or parallel).

In future, I intend to stick to specialist/knowledgeable insurance brokers/companies, to avoid the farce I've been through recently with Admiral.
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