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Could one of you nice Evo drivers help me out with a few few queries I have about my car.
1.I am wanting to know exactly what type synthetic oil to put in my car.
2. When turning corners a rattle of something loose comes from the side of the car. On jacking up the car the wheels (on the rear)have alot of play in them, is this normal or are the bushes worn?
3. My car sounds like a bag of nails sometimes only.
Sometimes first thing in the morning or times not. Especially taps whilst stood in traffic, then stops but then the revs go up slightly and then back down and starts to rattle, has anyone else experinced this? (alittle confusing I know)
4. Dump valve or no dump valve. Re-circulatin? what?
As soon as I take my foot of the 'gas' a vibration is felt from under the front passengers area. this only happens whenever I take my foot off the gas....? Re-circulation vale I have been told.... is this right?
5. Where is my nearest 4x4 rolling road to North Wales, anyone know?
I need to know exactly what this car is pushing out.....standard 246 bhp, Garage sold the car to me saying it was chipped and pushing 320 bhp I don't think so......
I wold appreciate anyones comments as soon as possible about the Evo 1.

Regards and happy motoring to you all.

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Can only answer a couple.

If you have a lot of play in the rear I'd be worried. Sounds like the wishbone bushes at the VERY LEAST.
I woudl get that checked at a specialist asap. Even if it is just the bushes and/or the rear anti-roll bar links they will soon be causing wear on the wishbones and mounting points which will be expensive to fix.

Seem to be a common thing that they tap on start up.
However, depends on how bad it sounds, mine makes a slight tap from the very top of the engine for about 10 seconds if that ?(And not every day either), and normally in traffic you might hear some faint tappet nise (with windows open). I think that is normal, if it soudns like a bag of nails it could be just the oil is too thin/old or more worrying problems.

What Evo is it ? (123456), the dmp valve is in different places. it should be fairly near the air box either way. if its a re-circ it has a large tube going down to an intercooler pipe at the side of the engine and attahces to a large tube coming out of the air box. it also has a thin pipe going to the plenum chamber area. They are normaly black, plastic and ugly
An atmos' doesn't connect to the pipe coming form the air box. they also have obvious vents on them and are usually a shiny colour, maybe silver, maybe red or blue.
But I've never heard them make a vibration ? Mine has one and never done it.
Sounds more like worn suspension at the front or engine mounts. If you lift the gas then the engine will shift with the torque reaction, hence weird vibration.
I'd forget about the rolling road until you work out the more pressing problems on the suspension/engine to be honest border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
Good luck

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Thanks for the info, I got the car checked and have found that the rear bushes were worn on both sides, also the tapping noise like yours is only sometimes and an oil change is on the cards this weekend.
Regarding the dump valve, the car is an evo 1 and has a re-circulating dump valve which I want to change,(which one would your suggest? and where from, seen a couple in Demon Tweeks...) the vibration is always felt when taking my foot off the throttle, someone else also said and engine mount, the car also has a 4 exhaust through out, and maybe a little loose, this will also be checked this weekend as regards the suspension, it has a gas lowered top rate suspension on it and fairly new.

As regards the rolling road, I am really wanting to know where abouts my nearest one is.... Bristol or Gloucestershire I have been told, but that is alittle too far from the midst of North Wales.
Anyway thanks again for the info and happy driving....


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Forge motorsport have a reasonable priced atmos dump valve. (120 quid). Its a piston type and should work well, they can also do a blanking plug to block up when the recirc no longer goes. if you look hrough the forum you'll fine some past posts about them.
For the Evo I the guy told me it was the same dump valve as the impreza's (same size connectors etc)
I've not had chnace to get one yet, but a few guys on here have said they are ok.
Glad to hear its not as bad as it sounded border|EQU| 0 align|EQU| middle >
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